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Alex Kokhan

Women's Japanese demon Oni T-shirt with stars and a snake

Women's Japanese demon Oni T-shirt with stars and a snake

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In size M, a short sleeve T-shirt with a handmade pattern of the demon Oni, colorful stars, and a snake. T-shirt length is 62 cm, waist width is 46 cm, T-shirt length is 17 cm, and cuff to neck length is 26 cm. The T-shirt has a complicated design, and the snake is constructed in the same style with a drawing of snake scales.

The Japanese devil mask represents an evil envious woman ready to exact retribution on her adversary.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The design of this T-shirt represents merely the fruit of my Imagination and does not imply any authenticity issues; nonetheless, it may indicate that this is a mask of the Japanese demon Hannya rather than the demon Oni.

High-detail features in a vibrant design that will not leave you indifferent.

The horns of the demon mask, for example, are not straight but rounded, which makes this T-shirt stand out. The demon's face is painted on cloth with white paint, his horns are bronze, and his eyes are golden. The colors of the stars echo the demon and snake's aesthetic concept. A classically balding demon, with hair strewn across his brow and billowing in the breeze. Yellow Vohra teeth with no extra focus on long fangs in a dreadful grimace.

In general, this one-of-a-kind handcrafted T-shirt is regarded as horror style.

The T-shirt, on the other hand, can fight for the title of greatest dressy wear for ladies.

The t-shirt goes with everything. The T-shirt can be paired with jeans, a skirt, or worn underneath a suit. It's perfect for vacations and themed parties. It's the ideal carnival costume for Halloween or a party.

Hannya is a Japanese stage mask with a dreadful grin of a jealous woman, a demon, or a serpent in its direct position. However, if the mask is slightly tilted, the slanted brows create the appearance of an inconsolably sobbing face.

Oni are gigantic malevolent fanged and horned humanoid monsters with red, blue, or black skin who live in Jigoku, Japan's equivalent of hell.

Frankly, I don't notice much of a difference between Hannya and Oni in look, but I prefer Hannya demons simply because of their personality. Also, I believe the Hannya demons are more romantic.

This football has absorbed a lot of colors, so I don't think you'll have any trouble matching it with other garments. Of course, the most noticeable color on this T-shirt is red. Of fact, the color is uncommon even in women's clothing. However, purchasing this T-shirt will be a good reason to add red to your wardrobe.

The t-fabric shirt's is 100% cotton, and despite its great density, it stretches a little and is elastic.

The T-shirt is only available in one size. Acrylic paints do not age, they do not wash out, they do not wear out, and they do not fade in the sun. Also, this Fancy T-shirt will not be confused with conventional print T-shirts. Nonetheless, the product's price also serves as a reminder of this.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful T-shirt with golden horns.

The demon is very comical, the way Japanese demons should be.

star t-shirt

A very impressive T-shirt, but every first impression comes at a cost. I found two more identical ones at this store, but I prefer this particular T-shirt. Perhaps due to the demon's balding head with combed hair in an attempt to conceal this bald patch. It's quite amusing.