About us

My name is Alex Kokhan, and I am an entrepreneur and fashion designer. Our distinct feature is the employment of acrylic paints on fabric in the production of clothing. Each item in our store is one-of-a-kind and only available in a single edition. Each item of apparel is a one-of-a-kind handmade masterpiece. Our garments are not like the clothes you can buy at a regular shopping mall from mainstream companies, even if they are very expensive and exclusive. Each individual is distinct and unrepeatable, not to mention their inner essence. The same can be said for our one-of-a-kind personalized apparel, which will only enhance your individuality.

Acrylic paints on clothes, no matter how scientifically applied, are noticeably different from the typical cheap factory print. Acrylic painting is noticeably brighter and more resistant to mechanical impacts. Our items do not require any particular care, and the paint does not fade in the sun. Acrylic paints contain a resin that, when thermally bonded, is permanently absorbed into the cloth.

Paint with a glitter effect is frequently utilized in our items; such clothes can change color based on the time of day and light strength, giving only a lovely glow at sunset. A blend of matte and metallic paints is frequently used to provide an even more fantastic dreamlike impression. When a portion of the image is apparent from afar and a portion of the secondary details appear only when the observer approaches your garments or the light increases.

To some extent, we may claim that our products have soul, distinct lines, and characteristics that cannot be replicated or imitated. Each piece of clothing represents a significant investment in terms of design, creative inspiration, and innovation. I'll say it again: the end product cannot be foreseen at the start of a piece, as any artist who paints on canvas can attest.

Please keep in mind that certain garments may have color irregularities, signs of using a pencil or marker for a preliminary sketch, or minor drops of paint that are all part of the creative process. These visual flaws are not product problems.

Unless otherwise stated, all products in our store are in stock until otherwise indicated. Finding the proper size and design for you is the quickest approach to acquire ready-made garments. You can request a similar design in conversation with us, but the outcome in small elements may be somewhat uncertain. Prepayment is necessary in all cases of purchase and order.

Clothing sizes are expressed in the worldwide metric system, particularly in millimeters, in the language of product descriptions. This is the length of the sleeve, the width at the waist, or the length of the garment. To convert centimeters to inches, multiply millimeters by 0.39. For example, if you wish to convert 10 cm to inches, use this formula: 10 cm X 0.39 = 3.9 inches. This information may be useful for buyers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Customs, taxes, and duties are not our responsibility. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages and the buyer must file a claim with the appropriate carrier. We send goods from Ukraine from the city of Kyiv by the international express carrier of shipments Nova Poshta Global https://novaposhtaglobal.ua/en/

We pay for international shipping costs ourselves, excluding possible customs duties and taxes in your country. 

In addition, you can track the delivery of your parcel directly on our website by clicking on the link to track the order.

OLEKSII KOKHAN, Kyiv avenue Holosiivskyi 112, appartement 11 , Kyiv, 03127, Ukraine

info@alexkokhan.com or uadream@gmail.com
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