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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt skeleton and butterfly

Women's short sleeve t-shirt skeleton and butterfly

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The T-shirt has a stunning handmade pattern, only size XS, length 62 cm, waist width 44 cm. T-shirt fabric of high quality and a one-of-a-kind painting with a remarkable design. Skull and skeleton, complete with bones.

When we talk about formal or business attire, we're talking about really rigid things. But what to do if you still want to stand out in a gathering of strictly dressed people? I've got an answer.

This t-shirt is classified as a punk t-shirt. Yet, it is a very attractive T-shirt that will appeal to a larger spectrum of clients. The T-shirt, in reality, is extremely lovely. Adorable juniors or adolescent short sleeve tees. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. The T-shirt is tiny in size, but the cut is loose.

T-shirt with an attractive design that will impress everyone. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The skull and flowers t-shirt motif is popular. A lovely color combo on a black t-shirt. Sleeveless t-shirt that is both beautiful and unusual. Women's attire at its finest. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. As a result, the T-shirt can be worn for any occasion.

This t-shirt is in the business style; if you want to brag to your coworkers, this is the ideal alternative. And the artwork is not that forceful.

Soft and pleasant organic cotton fabric of superior quality. Acrylic paints say volumes for themselves. My assertions are tassels. Flowers should bloom in the eyes of everyone who sees this.

The most beautiful hand-drawn sleeveless T-shirt. The colors olive and silver dominate the T-shirt. It is unknown whether you can focus on the olive or greenish color because it is extremely rare, but silver or turquoise can be properly mixed. The turquoise tint is extremely similar to the color of blue jeans; nevertheless, regular black jeans would also work well here. The silver skull provides you a cause to wear this T-shirt with white. The style of this t-shirt is quite hazy, since the pattern has absorbed influences from different styles. A t-shirt may appeal to a woman who is both a fan of punk and a connoisseur of classic dress style. On the one hand, the T-design, shirt's as well as the fitted tailoring, suggest that it can be worn under any jacket. Of course, the T-shirt will most likely be worn for special occasions, such as a visit or a party. But none of this is necessary because you can fall in love with a T-shirt and become inseparable from it. The drawing is quite cute and distinctive, and it might be the topic of a lengthy debate with your loved ones. Many small details and nuances can be seen on the T-shirt thanks to the many detailed large photos and videos.

The T-shirt design was created using acrylic paints on fabric with a metallic shine; shiny paints miraculously reflect incoming light, and naturally, depending on the nature and intensity of such rays. A T-shirt can look especially lovely in the setting sun's beams. Only this drawing of a mysterious skeleton with flowers instead of eyes and an insect in its hands can be seen on the street in poor lighting and already in the evening.

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Customer Reviews

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T-shirt is very good but there is one thing

This t-shirt is, of course, really attractive, but its price is prohibitively exorbitant; I am unfamiliar with such a name. Only world-famous luxury apparel makers, Alex Kokhan and I believe, can command such sums. Even if you invest enormous muscle and talent in this T-shirt! No one notices what is on the T-shirt or what it is; instead, everyone notices the brand of the T-shirt. And with such a brand name, you will no longer surprise anyone. I'll say it again: the T-shirt is lovely, but this is a no-name for me!

Just an alien t-shirt

A unique t-shirt design that strives hard to delight you. Although the theme of a fractured skull with flowers is not new, go locate one. Lovely and unusual.

Miranda K
Not a terrible, but a charming T-shirt

Even though several skulls and skeletons are represented, they are really cute and decorated with flowers here. I'm impressed by how the creator of this t-shirt manages to tread the delicate line between awful and lovely. People don't want to buy horror T-shirts, no matter how cool they are, because they're just dreadful and not adorable, and the major condiment that makes a dish palatable and usable is the main condiment.