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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt pink gazelle skull

Women's short sleeve t-shirt pink gazelle skull

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Painting with acrylic paints on a t-shirt fabric in only size S, length 62 cm, waist width 46 cm. A unique design and color combination, as always, should not leave anyone uninterested. Women's short sleeve black T-shirt with a skull, horns, and flowers motif.

This is a very fashionable and lovely summer T-shirt. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. Of course, you'll want to wear this t-shirt to special events or parties because it's incredibly stylish and unique, drawing a lot of attention to your person. The T-shirt is tiny in size, but the cut is loose.

You must examine the T-specifications shirt's to see whether it is appropriate for you. The T-shirt is stunning in its design, and it will make many people envious of you. Short sleeve tee for slender women and teen girls.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt with a rounded V-neck and short sleeves. T-shirt in every woman's favorite pink color. On the black fabric of a premium cotton T-shirt, the pink skull print looks rich and incredibly contrasted. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

No other industrial pattern can compete with a pink mother-of-pearl skull on black fabric. Acrylic paints on cloth are not affected by outside factors; they will remain intact on your T-shirt indefinitely, delighting you and everyone around you.

I have a complete series of identical skulls with horns, but no two works are alike; they are all unique and one of a kind. The skull with flowers is a stunning design that is both attractive and amazing. It is preferable to draw a dead cow than to consume meat or milk. This model can be considered vegan.

T-shirts with such a V-neckline are best portrayed as cows with horns because the horns occupy the empty spaces between the neck and shoulder, and some horns even wrap around the neck and climb onto the back of the T-shirt.

This is the greatest pink T-shirt with a skull with horns and a V-collar. You may find out why they are the greatest by looking at the thorough images and videos. A stunning combination of a pelamur pink skull and bronze horns, as well as a huge white flower with bronze accents. The reverse of the T-shirt is also worth a look because it has white flowers in the shape of a cross. The T-shirt is quite fashionable and stylish. The key advantage is, of course, the design, that is, exactly what is created, but it is worth paying attention to how it is drawn, or rather, how it is drawn. T-shirt will appeal to all pink aficionados, of which I believe there are many. If you have any pink items in your closet that can be worn with this t-shirt, you're in luck. The presence of a bronze hue provides an excuse to wear gold jewelry, a handbag of any color but with a gold clasp, enormous white flowers provide an excuse to wear white garments, and so on. Of course, a black bottom is equally appropriate for a T-shirt; regular black jeans will look stunning. The leaves are painted in an olive tint, but you can't hope for a green combo because this is a very unusual color. In any case, if you liked this T-shirt, your wardrobe should already have items that you may successfully wear. The tee goes well with any jacket. This T-shirt is likely to be used as dressy clothing on special occasions, such as a party. Yes, it's a dressy evening T-shirt, but it's 100% cotton and can be worn as a top on a rather warm day if you're not afraid of wearing black in the summer.

The T-shirt design is vast and totally fills the entire area of the cloth; for example, the V-shaped collar of the T-shirt, as you noted, is delicately interlaced with skull horns. When the design on a cheap factory printed t-shirt is too small for the t-shirt or sweatshirt, improper things happen.

In this scenario, hand-painted acrylic paints allow the designer to position and scale the drawing as desired. Please keep in mind that the skull and horns are done with glitter paint, which allows them to reflect dim light in the twilight or at sunset while the rest of the T-shirt is already dark. Even if the paints aren't fluorescent, the effect lasts until the surrounding space is completely dark.

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Customer Reviews

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Stylish T-shirt

These skull's horns are beautifully bordering a V-neck t-shirt. Not only is the design excellent, but I was particularly struck by the colors used throughout. There are also flowers in the shape of a cross on the back. Typically, I notice T-shirts with a pattern that were most likely manufactured by people who lacked taste and flair.

Beautiful t-shirt, great design

I hear that the T-shirt is hand-painted using unique colors, and I just adore the shade of pink utilized to paint this animal's skull. Surprisingly, each piece of clothes in this internet store has its own title and name. As though the products are humanized here. What is true is what is truly true. I also enjoyed the white roses. Furthermore, these roses are simply in the shape of a cross on the back of the T-shirt. The drawing is fairly large; normally, the drawing on the T-shirt is little or only on the chest; as far as I can tell, these are equipment issues. The artwork on this t-shirt is hand-drawn and may be scaled to cover the entire surface of the t-shirt. After seeing what I saw here, all other printed T-shirts seem silly to me. Overall, the pricing of this T-shirt does not appear to be excessive. I notice that even the T-shirt tag is hand-drawn; I've never seen anything like this before.

beautiful pink color

I adore everything pink, but it never occurred to me that pink should be total. But now that I'm looking at this T-shirt, I realize that it's not necessary for the piece of clothing to be fully pink. So this T-shirt is black, except for the image of the animal head skull, which is pink, and this is such an uncommon pink that it's simple to fall in love with. I only gave this T-shirt four stars because of the price and the fact that it is still black and not pink.

Very nice t-shirts

All of the t-shirts here are lovely, but I think this one is the most trendy and lovely! Nothing to complain about, and nothing better to say. To come up with such a design and not replicate it every time, it appears to me that you need a really complex imagination. Excellent t-shirt.