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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt girl and pumpkin

Women's short sleeve t-shirt girl and pumpkin

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An adorable Halloween acrylic artwork on a quality size XS T-shirt. Waist 44cm, length 59cm. Women's trendy t-shirt in a fashionable style.

T-shirts made of eco-friendly high-density cotton. This is the ideal costume for a Halloween celebration. Without a question, the center of public attention and jealousy. The colors will not fade, require little upkeep, and are unlike any other tee. Given the great density of cotton, the item will last a very long period.

The ironic drawing invents a story about what happened to the girl, people meeting you who can't take their eyes off you, you only need a little imagination to figure out how it was and what occurred. The artwork makes no clear allusion to the Halloween event; the T-shirt can be worn at any time.

By the way, the knife is a copy of one I have in my kitchen; I simply ringed it with a pencil and it's a matter of technique; even the rivets are genuine. I intended to make the girl's face lovely, but then I realized that death isn't beautiful.

Summer t-shirt with no sleeves. The finest punk tee. T-shirt with the most creative design. T-shirt with a fashionable round neck. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Adorable Short Sleeve T-shirt for adolescent girls and juniors.

This T-shirt is tiny in size, and you should always check the size parameters in the photo. Sleeveless t-shirt that is both beautiful and unusual. Women's attire at its finest.

I can see how much fun the kids will have with this t-shirt. Even if the drawing on the T-shirt does not pretend to be the work of Renaissance artists, it is a true picture that you want to look at.

Even from a distance, you can see that this is more than just a T-shirt. Even though this method is quite modern, the texture and colors of the design are too distinct from regular factory items.

As with all of my previous items, you can see a complicated design in addition to the painting on cloth and sketching. The T-shirt is one-of-a-kind.

The best Halloween T-shirt. The first thought that comes to mind when you see this t-shirt. Instead of a head, there's a scary laughing pumpkin. An satirical black t-shirt made of fine fabric with gold, silver, and brown dominant hues. If you're wondering what to pair this T-shirt with, what to wear, and why, keep reading. The T-shirt is not especially made as a Halloween costume; it is simply a trendy intriguing pattern that allows you to include many other items into your outfit. To begin with, the golden gourd forgives you a lot of gold jewelry. You can pair a black purse with a gold clasp, a brown handbag or shoes, and a brown belt. Of course, if you have brown hair, it will be gorgeous... Of course, if you have access to it, the olive root of the pumpkin allows you to use the green hue as well. Because the girl's dress on the T-shirt is dark silver, the bottom can be either black or gray. Take note of the knife in the hand with the red manicure. As a result, this is an indication of the type of manicure you should get. However, all of this is strict advice that may be far from reality, because the design of the t-shirt is so intricate that it completely absorbs thoughts into the essence of what is happening and distracts from thoughts about how you combine this t-shirt with the rest of the clothes.

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Customer Reviews

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Frightening luxury t-shirt

The t-shirt design is quite creative. There is a lot of fantasy and irony in this story. I've never seen a T-shirt design that is both frightening and gorgeous at the same time. The inverted cross on the pumpkin's forehead highlights the viciousness of the ongoing plan.

Ironic T-shirt

A fantastic Halloween costume for a girl with brown hair in the form of a standard t-shirt. Although my hair is a different color, I have the same knife in my kitchen.

I didn't expect this

Great costume for Halloween. This was my initial idea, and it appeared that this was a particular web store for carnival clothing. However, after careful consideration, my opinion has shifted. There's nothing carnival about this, simply incredibly intriguing garments with excellent design. I've never seen anything like it before. Such an uncommon brand, and judging by the prices, it is really elite, okay, not just in terms of price but also of content. You made me really happy, and of course, I loved the t-shirt!