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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull in feathers

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull in feathers

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Hand-painted using acrylics on one size XS T-shirt. Product length is 60 cm, and the breadth at the waist is 43 cm. T-shirt with skull, flower, and feather motif. T-shirt that has been hand-painted and is ready to wear. A one-of-a-kind design, the only one in nature that captures the eye.

This is a very fashionable and lovely summer T-shirt. If you enjoy wearing vivid and unusual t-shirts, this item of quality clothing is for you. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. The t-shirt is too small. You must examine the T-specifications shirt's to see whether it is appropriate for you. This T-shirt will draw attention to your athletic physique. It will allow everyone around you to notice how hard you worked in the gym and how seriously you treat your health and appearance. Short sleeve tee for slender women and teen girls.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt with a rounded neck and short sleeves. The T-shirt will strike a chord in the hearts of sophisticated women. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

The skull of a cow, which looks more like a graceful horse, is gold with black pearl paint, delicate pink feathers, a red rose, and unusual olive leaves with gold contour veins. All of this is referred to as excellent design. The best design is on the T-shirt. That will last you a long time. The T-shirt will amuse children, make your girlfriends jealous, and attract men's attention. The t-shirt is hand painted with acrylics and cannot be mistaken for a conventional printed t-shirt.

The main colors of this T-shirt are gold and silver, with a red rose on the skull's forehead and silvery pink feathers hanging from the horns; the same feather will be used to design the back of the T-shirt. If you have gold and silver goods in your closet, you can successfully pair them with this t-shirt. Red is an uncommon hue in your wardrobe, but perhaps you have a red manicure that will compliment the red rose on the T-shirt. Partly pink feathers stand out, allowing for comparable color improvisation while selecting an outfit. Earrings shaped like feathers are also available for purchase.

If you don't have such earrings, I'm confident every woman has a gold-clasped handbag. The colors on the T-shirt are bright, which is not surprising given that the pattern was hand-drawn with acrylic paints on fabric with a mother-of-pearl effect, and thus any non-primary color from the coloring of this T-shirt, but emphasized in the color of complementary clothing, looks emphatically stylish and harmonious. Do not pass up this excellent opportunity to enhance the beauty of this t-shirt, or vice versa, to highlight the importance of other items in your wardrobe.

The cloth is dense and surprisingly soft to the touch. Painting using acrylic paints appears to be noble. Coatings are exceptionally resistant to outside effects and do not require particular care.

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Customer Reviews

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Mckenzie Т
T-shirt dilemma

When I first saw this black t-shirt on the Internet, I thought it was nothing special. The truth is that I began looking for anything new to do this summer. I'm looking for something unique and attractive, preferably a T-shirt. I continued looking farther, but no matter how hard I looked, I couldn't find anything better than this T-shirt. But, an issue with this item arose: it is rather pricey. And today's circumstances are such that there is no spare cash. But the dilemma looms: I want something extremely lovely, but it's pricey, and I have a lot of cheap T-shirts that I'm already weary of, and I don't want to buy another thing that I'll soon be tired of!

King of T-shirts

Just a fantastic T-shirt with a classic design. I've seen a bunch of t-shirts with the same pattern. Yet, how this image was created and how it appears on this T-shirt merits special mention. This is the best T-shirt in this style I've seen.

T-shirt for Lady Firebird

It looks like the feathers on the T-shirt are on fire.

It looks like the feathers on the T-shirt are glowing.

I wanted to say a few things about the trendy T-shirt, but I was especially surprised with how the feathers simply burn! Maybe it's just how the photo was taken, but the first time I saw it, the feathers appeared to shine from within, as if there were connected lighting bulbs!