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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt Chimera

Women's short sleeve t-shirt Chimera

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A women's T-shirt with an unequaled aesthetic impact thanks to a handcrafted pattern. To say it is breathtakingly stunning would be an understatement.

Handcrafted in the manner of medieval frescoes. Fabric with acrylic paints. M size T-shirt, length 60 cm, waist 51 cm. High-density organic cotton fabric of superior quality.

Inspired by medieval artists' paintings. A one-of-a-kind T-shirt with a one-of-a-kind pattern. M is a universal size for women. Detail drawing is excellent, and perception drawing is outstanding.

Adorable Sleeveless T-Shirt for the Summer. The finest punk T-shirt. Unfortunately, the T-style shirt's is not specified. It's really difficult to come across something like this. T-shirt with the best design in several ways.

This T-shirt has a loose fit but is a size small, making it perfect for a teenage girl. T-shirt with a fashionable round neck. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt for women that is stylish. This is an interesting T-shirt for an interesting woman, according to the trend. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Yet, only you can determine how casual the T-shirt is.

I'm not sure if I created the Chimera or what it is. The Chimera is thought to be a female beast. According to ancient texts, the Chimera is immortal and divine, with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent, spouting fire from its mouth.

T-shirt for women in black with a stunning handmade pattern. Gold, bronze, dark silver, and mother-of-pearl pink are some of the colors available. All hues with a metallic sheen alter their reflection dramatically depending on the strength of external lighting and the time of day in general, with the T-shirt looking especially stunning towards sunset. The precious paints stand up against the black fabric of the T-shirt. I've already mentioned how dense the T-fabric shirt's is. Yet, because this T-shirt is made entirely of cotton, I believe it will be cool in the heat. The man's facial features and hands are beautifully created, and this mystical pink monster merits special attention. The shirt has a pink cross on the back. The shirt has a pink cross on the back. The Chimera's rear leg is wonderfully placed on the back of the T-shirt, raising the question of what it is in general for people who see you from behind.

From a visual standpoint, this is the best T-shirt. The same cannot be true for premium cotton cloth. A t-shirt drenched with mother-of-pearl colors provides a plethora of color combinations; you'll have no trouble deciding what to wear with it. Gold, bronze, pink pearl, and silver are all options. This is a near-perfect hit in any handbag or belt. A golden clasp can be seen on any handbag. A T-shirt allows you to wear gold jewelry without having to justify it morally.

The T-shirt design simply exudes the Middle Ages, with the image derived from ancient murals and images in the church. Furthermore, a naive image style emphasizes the T-deep shirt's antiquity. If you believe t-shirts with kittens and flowers are a boring choice, you have an alternative.

It is vital to commit some time to the ecological problem. The fact is that in the manufacturing of cotton, and this T-shirt is made entirely of cotton, it needed at least 2500 liters of water to manufacture this particular T-shirt, agricultural firms in most cases employ prohibitively high levels of pesticides. Even though the maker states that the clothing is made of organic cotton, the consumer cannot verify this claim. Both of these factors have the worst possible impact on the environment, hastening climate change. Contemporary quick fashion encourages overconsumption. A person in the West buys new T-shirts for enjoyment and then discards them after only a few wears because they need to make place in the closet for new models and patterns. Everything has been done in the case of this t-shirt to ensure that the owner appreciates this piece of clothing from an item of clothing that is costly for our environment for as long as possible.

Acrylic paints, as usual, are thermally fixed; they contain resin that, when heated, permanently adheres to the cloth; they are impossible to wash off; they do not fade over time; and they do not wear out. There is no need to take special care of the T-shirt or drawings. A true collector's piece for art and history buffs.

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Customer Reviews

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I liked this t-shirt the best.

This t-shirt simply does not fit in my mind. T-shirt depicting the battle between good and evil, faith and no faith; never lose faith and you will always be OK. That's what the shirt says, I believe. A T-shirt with meaning is a very rare occurrence. Furthermore, I notice that the T-shirt is in vibrant colors, and the design stands out against the black cloth.

Chimera T-shirt

This T-shirt appears to be the most creative interpretation of the image of a chimera. I even recall this film being called something else; I truly enjoyed it, and there is even something remote that like this vision. I'm not sure who guessed more with the chimera, the writers of that film or the designers of this T-shirt. Of sure, this t-shirt is the most deafening item in the store. Imitation of very ancient images, most likely before the Middle Ages, when Renaissance Italian artists did not yet know how to be as beautiful as Italian artists. The beauty of this work is that it is a little unsophisticated. Indeed, everyone raises their hands, which are quite clearly sketched. I'm only giving five stars because I can only give five!

What it is?

This is the coolest T-shirt I've ever seen. Incredible and without comparison. If you believe that your clothes should startle someone or draw attention to yourself, this T-shirt will do admirably. The back of the T-shirt features the hind leg of a bizarre creature...

T-shirt knocks down and impresses

This T-shirt is mind boggling. I have seen a lot of clothes in my life, but this.