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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cat and lion

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cat and lion

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T-shirt in size S for women. The shirt measures 62 cm long and 48 cm wide at the waist. Painting with acrylic paints with great detail. Japanese tattoo design. Premium grade, high-density cloth. Lady's beautiful, unique tee.

The rear has red flowers in the same way as the front, but with a reduced bloom size. These were finished when I determined that the work on the T-shirt was complete. I utilize an unusual technique in which I finish the primary painting on an item of clothing and set it away for a bit. Then I go back and look over everything I've made with a critical eye. And, of course, it appears to me that this thing can be completed and made even more lovely. As a result, the design is more intentional and rich, which can justify the price. No matter how advanced the technology, a T-shirt cannot be confused with an automated industrial print.

This is a very lovely and stylish summer t-shirt. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. The T-shirt is tiny in size, but the cut is loose. You must examine the T-specifications shirt's to see whether it is appropriate for you.

T-shirt with a stylish and eye-catching design. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt with a rounded neck and short sleeves.

This T-shirt is a perfect example of high-quality clothing. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

The point is not simply that the artist puts his soul into a living picture; rather, the point is that acrylic paints on fabric cannot be applied mechanically. Yet acrylic paints already scream, proclaiming their superiority. The most remarkable aspect here is that the paints including mother-of-pearl change color depending on the lighting or time of day. The drawing appears really wonderful to me after dusk.

A thinking cat, a moon, a bat, and a golden-haired lion. Put this T-shirt in a museum or in your closet.

A contemplative cat observes the moon and a bat. The lion tattoo looks menacingly at you. This is the best Japanese-style T-shirt available. A wide range of hues are available. Gold, turquoise, red, green, and white are all colors. All of this on a thick black T-shirt fabric. You won't have any doubts on how to wear this T-shirt. To begin with, there are many hues and you will undoubtedly find such colors in your wardrobe; a T-shirt allows you to wear gold jewelry because the T-shirt is golden in color. The drawing contains something for everyone. Owners of golden hair, for example, will notice that the amazing lion resembles them because his mane is also golden.

T-shirt has been designed to keep its owner in a good mood for as long as possible. These handcrafted t-shirts have the potential to shift our perspective on the amount of useless cheap clothing that often clutters our closets. In Western countries, it is said that it is better to buy something more expensive and valuable than anything cheap, which will rapidly tire you and lose all interest in it. This is the role of this T-shirt in terms of environmental preservation. The T-shirt allows everyone to make a modest contribution to preventing climate change.

The red color shines out a little on the T-shirt, owing to the back being embellished with red flowers. Red is a rare guest in our clothing, but it stands out in the visual image. T-shirt with tattoos in the Japanese style. And the Japanese style indicates a blend of hues and unexpected combinations. The T-shirt is simply permeated with this Japanese design and offers a great opportunity to turn into a fully foreign look and stand out from the crowd. The T-shirt features beautiful green flower leaves, but you definitely don't have anything like in your closet because green is a relatively rare color. You may have observed that I generally always wear olive green, but in the case of this brilliant Japanese t-shirt, a true bright green tint is still employed.

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Customer Reviews

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Exceptional T-shirt

What could be more appealing than a brightly colored T-shirt with a lovely Japanese pattern? The red blossoms adorn the entire surface of the T-shirt, making it extremely feminine. Of course, any pattern looks beautiful on a black T-shirt, but this one is extraordinary. I'm delighted designers have learned to accomplish stuff like this.

T-shirt painting

Lovely t-shirt. I had no idea how paint could appear on cotton. I am an artist who works on canvas paper rather than fabric. I was impressed by how the acrylic paint covered the fabric and left such a texture. Thank you for your help, now I see I'm drawing on the wrong material.

Nice t-shirt

For the first time, I came across an online store and, more broadly, a business committed to this sort of clothing creation. This T-shirt is the perfect representation of my words. Of course, there are many of these, but this one stands out for its design, elegance, and laborious production. Fantastic t-shirt. I used to think that one drawing in the front of a T-shirt was enough, but I was so wrong. Even little reprints of images on the T-chest shirt's appeared to be a pretty polished work to me. I was so incorrect! After seeing t-shirts like the ones in this internet store, everything people wear on the street seems uncool. In the realm of t-shirts, this t-shirt is a Rolls-Royce!