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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt Cat and Demon

Women's short sleeve t-shirt Cat and Demon

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T-shirt of superior quality and density, hand painted with acrylics in a single size S. 60 cm in length, 49 cm in width at the waist. Lady's beautiful, unique tee-shirt.

Stunning painting in the Japanese tattoo style. Drawing with a lot of detail. Design aesthetics. A cat with a traditional Japanese tattoo of a demon, perhaps a jealous woman transformed into a monster. You should not assume that all women who own a cat are perpetually envious, but it's good that you can make a wobbly connection here.

The T-shirt is tiny in size, but the cut is loose. You must examine the T-specifications shirt's to see whether it is appropriate for you. The T-shirt is stunning in its design, and it will make many people envious of you. Adorable Short Sleeve T-shirt for adolescent girls and juniors, however age limitations for this, one might argue, works and arts do not work.

The color combination on this T-shirt is intriguing. So I initially wanted to make the demon's tongue purple, and the same goes for the color of the petals. Where have you seen devils with purple tongues or cats with purple ears? Of course, the tongue can only be pink, so it turned out to be a T-shirt with a wider range of colors, which is unusual because I don't like to mix colors like Van Gogh, despite the fact that Van Gogh had such a style, but I have a technological need, because acrylic paints are difficult to mix on fabric. All of the outfits here are, in general, flat Van Gogh.

My favorite theme is painting with a cat and a demon.

The cat's muzzle on this T-shirt is really hilarious since it appears like the cat has a black eye, but as you know, this is merely such a color. A golden devil with detailed facial outlines. Flowers cover the entire surface of the T-shirt, much like they do on the cat. This T-shirt is one of the greatest in the complete collection, and I was able to draw it quickly and effortlessly.

T-shirt with a stylish and eye-catching design. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt with a rounded neck and short sleeves. Women's apparel of the highest quality. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. This T-shirt has a balanced color combination, with the golden color dominating.

The amount of smeared paint on the picture cannot be used to determine its quality.

Painting with acrylic paints on cloth is an order of magnitude more difficult than painting with ordinary paints on canvas. You can't overdo it with the cloth; there's no room for error, and you won't be able to paint over everything many times; a maximum of two or three coats are permitted here, or everything will be wrecked. Drawing facial characteristics, gradations of paint transition, and creating light and dark sections of the same hue with acrylic paints on fabric is tough. As a result, such spiritual imagery as those on this T-shirt necessitate a great deal of effort.

After a while, I return to some t-shirts; sometimes the product appears to be entirely finished, and even went through the step of photographing and filming a video, but then you realize that this t-shirt can be better; there is no limit to perfection. Of course, the same thing happened with a T-shirt depicting a cat and a demon. As the tag was already applied to the T-shirt, it was decided to improve on what appeared to be a flawless design. The surface of the T-shirt was covered with flowers, the demon's eyes were added, the cat had a mustache, and other little aspects that I can't recall right now.

Surprisingly, the cat was painted with white acrylic paint rather than silver. The difference between white and silver paint is that white paint provides a more textured color, whereas gold paint covers the fabric in a continuous layer, without texture; however, unlike white paint, golden paint has a shining finish. If you want to create face features, or in this case, the features of the cat's muzzle, on this fantastic T-shirt, white paint is the natural choice. Yet, in many works where the attention is solely on the body of an animal, such as some tigers, the choice is clear in favor of silver or golden paint.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The images show how nicely the golden monster is drawn, which is overpowered by the wave, rendering the flower outlines translucent. Also, there is an uncommon color combination, including a purple-like color.

Acrylic paints are indestructible; unlike all other varieties of factory printing, acrylic paints do not disintegrate through washing or fade over time. There is no need for extra care or hand cleaning. Furthermore, the T-thick, shirt's high-quality cotton will keep it in good condition for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

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T-shirt style and fashion icon

This is the first thing I want to say: very great T-shirt. Such a devil, and most importantly, what a cat's face! It's amusing, but the cat appears to have a black eye! The golden demon's face expression reveals a wide range of emotions, but we don't know what they are.

I bet this is the best t-shirt

T-shirt depicting evil. I've seen a lot of this, but this t-shirt is my favorite. The demon, the muzzle of a cat in particular, everything is extremely expressive! Even the flowers are completely covered.

Artful T-shirt

I would be embarrassed to wear such a dress and T-shirt. Perhaps place this T-shirt beside other paintings on the wall. It can be framed behind glass to keep dust at bay. In comparison to premier brands, the pricing does not appear to be exceptionally excessive. The best t-shirt art. I'm curious how it will appear after washing.