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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve T-shirt Devil

Women's long sleeve T-shirt Devil

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Menacing acrylic art on a long sleeve T-shirt in a one-of-a-kind XS size. Product length is 50 cm, waist width is 43 cm, and sleeves are 56 cm long. The fabric is 100% cotton and pretty thin. In the summer, it's not too hot to wear, and it's also great under a jacket.

Imagine how to paint long sleeves made of thin cloth with the greatest effect. The fact is that drawing a solid pattern on a thin fabric is not very sensible. As you know, the fabric is light, almost weightless, yet acrylic paints have a substantial relative weight. It's possible that a vast mass of a solid design will simply peel away from a thin cloth.

Long sleeve t-shirt, ideal for pairing with something white or red in addition to other black clothing. The creature's drawing may resemble someone with long curly hair. This T-shirt, for example, could be a unique choice for a blonde with curly long hair. You can combine red with your manicure. As you can see, there are numerous ways to wear this T-shirt. Such garments, however, are not appropriate for people who do not want to deal with the difficulty of deciding what to wear and how to combine it all. Yet, items such as this T-shirt allow you to develop your brain and train your creativity every day.

And the more such things you have in your closet, the more chances you'll have to train or strain your brain. Clothing can even be compared to the study of foreign languages in terms of its healing impact on the human brain. Nevertheless, as you can see, this has yet to be verified. Just my amusing theory. In any event, this T-shirt may necessitate the ability and, more importantly, the willingness to select clothing that complements your color scheme.

Often, the buyer questions what exactly is portrayed on the clothes; in this situation, even the designer of this T-shirt will be unable to provide an understandable answer. The T-shirt is entirely the result of a fertile imagination. The skull of the so-called devil does not match any creatures found on Earth, which is understandable given that the devil is shown on the T-shirt. The design surrounding the creature's head resembles a woman's haircut, giving the impression that this demon is feminine. The wings are designed to be as translucent as possible, comparable to the wings of some insects. In general, grasp the substance of the drawing to your liking.

This black long-sleeved t-shirt must be coupled with something red, according to all hell's laws. It's a necessity! A black one is perfect for a T-shirt, and a white bottom is extremely flattering. If you have something red in your clothing, it's just coincidence. Yes, the color red is extremely rare, but if you have it, then... however, this hand-painted t-shirt is worth buying something red for! And a lot of red that wasn't necessary. The red color on the T-shirt is merely an accent, especially since the red patterns did not extend beyond the front side of the T-shirt to avoid obscuring the front artwork and distracting people' attention from your demonic spirit.

There are few continuous areas of paint overlay on the T-thin shirt's fabric, and more and more designs are regularly dispersed around the entire front side of the product. At the same time, it is incredibly effective and light. Ornate and beautiful.

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The T-shirt is similar in patterns to an embroidered shirt, to an evil Vyshyvanka!

I observed you are from Ukraine, yet your internet store does not sell so-called embroidered clothes. Today is Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine, and I wanted to write about it. With its patterns, this t-shirt reminds me more of an embroidered shirt than others! I wish you creative prosperity and a Merry Vyshyvanka Day!

Black something

When I'm doing Pilates, the T-shirt looks like myself.