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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat and mouse

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat and mouse

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Long-sleeved T-shirt in size S, painted on cloth with acrylic paints. Sleeve length is 57 cm, sweatshirt length is 58 cm, and the waist width is 50 cm. Black sweatshirt with no hood, very soft to the touch. Spring and autumn are ideal seasons. Beautiful and adorable drawing.

I'm confident everyone will appreciate this cute Japanese-style pattern; kids and men alike will be unable to turn away. The entire surface of the sweatshirt is adorned with leaves from a cat tattoo to match the pattern.

Acrylic fabric paints have the longest lifespan of any sort of fabric dyeing, which means they are simply everlasting and do not require particular care.

This piece of clothing's formal name is a T-shirt, although it can also be called a light sweater, raglan, or even a toast. It is natural that you will not wear this sweater in hot weather. In this situation, the distinction between a T-shirt and a light sweater is extremely hazy. I will not be confused if this item of apparel is referred to as a top. The top features a cute pattern of a cat holding a mouse in its mouth. A handmade sketch on cloth with acrylic paints is not to be confused with a normal print. The Japanese style of the pattern on the cat is carried out with care throughout the T-shirt. The gorgeous leaflets on the back of the sweatshirt merit special notice. The color palette of this lightweight sweatshirt is a lovely mix of olive and gold. The photographs and video show this thick T-shirt in greater detail. The cat's expression is wonderful, and everybody who sees the T-shirt for the first time will smile.

On a black light sweater, there's a funny striped cat with a mouse in his teeth. The highlight, though, is the Japanese aesthetic of this thick tee. If you are unsure about what to dress, I urge that you do not be concerned because the Japanese urban style of clothes signifies a diversity of options and courage in combining items. However, if you still want to find a way out of a bind, pay attention to the colors red and olive. I'm not sure how this will assist, because red and all colors of green are uncommon even in a woman's wardrobe. First and foremost, this color combination of olive leaves and gold paints is stunning. The T-shirt also allows you to wear gold jewelry, which will be extremely fitting in this scenario.

The cat theme in the drawings of women's apparel is quite popular, and when we add that the drawing is handcrafted, and also in the Japanese style with Japanese tattoos, one can only predict how successful such a T-shirt will be. I can't say yet about the delight of others.

Also, acrylic paints on fabric appear to be hand embroidery on fabric from a specific angle. Such an appearance is impossible to accomplish due to the eye-catching texture and the lack of other factory techniques of putting a print. It is rather hard to the touch until the paint is thermally fixed, but after ironing with a hot iron, it turns soft and velvety.

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Customer Reviews

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Distinctive T-shirt

I'm not sure if it's a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, but I really enjoyed it. First and foremost, I'd want to state that this is my first encounter with this brand; it's novel, and secondly, the technique is distinct from that of other clothing producers. I'm referring to the decor. Typically, this is a print, silk screen, or other process; I'm not familiar with all of them and am not an expert. But I have eyes and a sense of style, and based on these impressions, I can confidently state that this technique is the greatest! The cat with the mouse and the flowers look fantastic; enormous detailed photographs make it easy to see, and there's even a short film. The pricing is reasonable, but I've seen lower costs for common items that don't claim to be handcrafted. Prices are only for the brand name and not for the quality. My rating is five stars.

Fancy T-shirt

Beautiful sweatshirt with Asian themes, gold and green color, floral design, and vibrant colors. I can't think of anything better. That may be a long-sleeved T-shirt, but it seems more like a sweatshirt.

Beautiful design

I have no doubts about the design of this T-shirt, which is both wonderful and charming. Yet there is a problem with the mixture. Because this T-shirt is sold on the Internet, you can't feel it with your hands before purchasing it, like I typically do at a store. Most products that appear to be of very high quality are today virtually entirely synthetic. Synthetic T-shirts and sweatshirts are unsuitable for my body, so I avoid wearing them.

Thank you for your feedback on the t-shirt. T-shirt made of 100% cotton. If there is an admixture of synthetic or other fabric, it is stated at the start of the product description.