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Alex Kokhan

Women's Jeans cats, tigers and dragons

Women's Jeans cats, tigers and dragons

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Jeans, size 34 EUR, international size S Slim, high waist, 68 cm waist circumference, 94 cm length. When purchasing jeans for a slim girl, determine your size. Acrylic paints are used to decorate. Work that is unusual and one-of-a-kind.

Sketches in the style of Korean folk art from the 17th century, known as the Edo era, are painted on the jeans.

Faceless black pants, which represent the darkness on the ladies and men passing you by in the streets, are transformed into an item of art and the focus of everyone's attention. Nothing like it exists and will never exist again; there will be no repetition.

As far as I can tell, when black jeans are painted with acrylic paints, they almost always look better.

The truth is that finding jeans in your size is quite tough. The fear of painting jeans is related to this; the drawing will be effective, but the pants may not fit the consumer in style or size, or may sit poorly; this is a very personal concern. And no one enjoys dealing with regular returns and shipments.

Jeans are unlike anything else on the planet. Draw a large number of people's attention. But, be cautious because jeans are little; carefully examine the size parameters. If you have a slim figure, consider yourself fortunate to be the owner of such a cute goods. Jeans in black with silver and red handmade motifs. Naturally, these jeans will be paired with red clothing and accessories. Perfect if you have a silver or red handbag or shoes. These may not be the most attractive jeans available for purchase, but I believe they are worth your consideration because of the reasonable pricing for a handmade product.

These hand-painted jeans come in a variety of color combinations. Jeans will look great with both white and black shirts. If the top is not white, but silver, any silver sequins will look great. Furthermore, despite the fact that red is a rare color in our clothing, we should not overlook the elements of red. A silver handbag or shoes will also look stunning. Jeans are quite popular, and it is likely that a teenage girl will appreciate them. However, I must emphasize the need of carefully evaluating how jeans fit you in size.

Jeans are, as you may know, the most worn item in our wardrobe. Acrylic paint on fabric may be the only item that can withstand this wear; mechanical friction is not frightened of washing.

A casual glance reveals that you have something that is not of this world.

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Customer Reviews

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Сat jeans

Nice jeans with an attractive design

Not modest jeans

Extraneous animals appear to climb on jeans, okay, there are these cats, but there are also some bizarre species! A fusion of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean styles. It is also beneficial that jeans remain faithful to their idea by remaining in monochrome hues, silver and red, and do not cross the line of permissibility, as do denim jackets in this online store, which shatter all stereotypes. I'll return to this site out of interest in a bit and want to confirm that there will be eclectic style jeans in numerous color selections.

black enchantment

Extremely nice jeans, but unfortunately not in my size. The decor is simple but noticeable.