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Alex Kokhan

Women's hoodie raven

Women's hoodie raven

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Hand painted sweatshirt in size S. Sleeve length is 52 cm, hoodie length is 60 cm, and the waist width is 51 cm. Hand painted with gold acrylic paint on black cotton fabric, this design is stunning. Both sides have drawings. The highest level of detail is at the front. A black raven against a golden moon with craters traced from meteorite falls. On the back, a cat with a sparrow in its teeth is drawn in the style of Edo period drawings from Korea and Japan.

Graphic hooded sweatshirt with a modern twist. Streetwear with graphic hoodies. The fabric is 96% cotton and 4% elastane.

This hoodie model stands out because the black fabric of the sweatshirt is coated in gold reds. The front of the hoodie has a black and silver raven against a golden moon background. A golden cat is catching a sparrow on the back of the sweatshirt. The back pattern is evocative of Korean style. If the cat appears innocent, the front part evokes delight rather than tenderness. The hoodie is flawless in terms of style. The golden color on black fabric theme is extended with golden flowers on the sweatshirt's sleeves and hood. If you appreciate the color gold, this hoodie is a must-have.

The pattern's design is unrivaled; the raven is painted on fabric with silver contour acrylic paints. The work used a limited number of colors (gold, bronze, and silver), which allowed for the construction of a definite style and beauty without the eclecticism of diversity. Call it a sweatshirt or a hoodie, but this work appears to be highly expensive and lovely. It will outshine everything in your path, possibly even the real moon.

Women's Printed Hoodie. The work is flawless, but I still have a residue in my soul that has somehow harmed part of my work; everyone thinks like this: it was required to do it differently, otherwise, paint in a different color or not draw a certain feature. But not with this sweatshirt.

Women's black hoodie with a gorgeous gold color design. What can be stated on the topic of what to wear with this item of clothing? There is no doubt that a hoodie will pardon an infinite quantity of gold jewelry; in this situation, the more gold you wear, the better. Furthermore, it will be beautiful and stylish if you limit yourself to a completely black outfit, the bottom can be black jeans or trousers, but with any gold fasteners. For example, a gold or black purse with gold clasps. Anything will do as long as gold elements are still present. In general, this hoodie's motto is: the more gold, the better! Gold looks stunning on a dark background, and there are also subtle silver features in the pattern on the hoodie. If you enjoyed this color combination, you should know that we have comparable products in our store, similar in the sense that the gold pattern is on black matter, because this sweatshirt is one of a kind in terms of pattern design.

Even if the bird's feathers ended out to be exactly gorgeous, it turns out that feathers are more harder to scratch with a contour bottle of paint. Each stroke should be beautiful; if you make the wrong move with your hand, everything will be ruined, and there will be no way to fix it. Hence, when working on a raven, for example, a firm hand is required; if it becomes tired, it is necessary to take a rest and not rush, so as not to destroy the ideal beauty.

You can wash it without anxiety; no additional care is necessary. Acrylic paints on fabric are permanent, will not wash away, and will not fade over time.

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Customer Reviews

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Giselle Р
Best hoodie

The raven hoodie is a popular design theme, but I was astounded by how excellent this sweatshirt is and how far it beyond anything I've seen before. The price is a touch excessive, but not prohibitively so, in my opinion. I had never heard of this website or brand before today. And I liked this brand because of its approach to style. There does not appear to be a single unflattering article of apparel in this collection. This hoodie appears to be particularly successful due to its magnificent display of the design in gold hue against a black hoodie background. Gold is incredibly gleaming, and the impact on others around you should be enormous. I saw a lot of things here where a large variety of colors are utilized, but when only one color is used, it is no less expensive and even more stylish. In general, I prefer a limited quantity of color and dislike eclecticism.

Slightly expensive hoodie

There is no doubt that this hoodie is highly attractive and conspicuous. But I'm not sure how this hoodie can be so expensive, even while I know that for that amount, all sorts of various elite brands may sell basic T-shirts with no patterns or decorations, and they only charge for the inscription on the tag. I also agree that everything gold looks great beneath this sweatshirt; I had a gold handbag and didn't sure what to pair it with. But, once again, the price is exorbitant, despite the fact that it is handmade and likely took more than one day to make such beauty.

Golden medal

I looked over everything, and I believe this hoodie is the most beautiful item in the store. That's awesome. In a nutshell, give this hoodie first place. First place was well deserved.

Golden hoodie

The gold accent on the black hoodie is spectacular on both the front and back.

I could not imagine that such a hoodie can be invented

Gold has always been my favorite hue, especially when combined with black. To be honest, a black hoodie is a really dressy garment on its own, but when seasoned with my beloved gold, it's something truly spectacular. It was a magnificent hoodie that I first spotted today on this page of an obscure internet store. In addition, there is a gold raven and a lovely cat with prey!