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Alex Kokhan

Women's hoodie birds of prey

Women's hoodie birds of prey

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S-sized acrylic-painted hoodie. Sleeve length is 52 cm, length is 56 cm, and the waist width is 48 cm. The fabric is 96% cotton and 4% elastane.

Both sides of the sweatshirt have a highly detailed acrylic painting. Drawings in the Edo period (17th century) inspired me to create this work. Folk art from Korea. Hoodie in black with a drawstring hood.

Graphic hooded sweatshirt with a modern twist. This work is intended for collectors of traditional drawings. I carefully consider what to draw and how to spend my time, and I always want to choose something spectacular and beautiful, in other words, to create a drawing that can sell itself.

Streetwear with graphic hoodies. If you can experiment with T-shirts, especially if the detailing isn't too detailed and you haven't worked on work for a month. However, the burden of responsibility was heavy in this case, because it is necessary to decide what to paint and not to ruin anything during painting, because working with acrylic paints immediately on a black background of matter is very responsible, and if something went wrong, you can't fix it.

You can see how the feathers of birds are drawn; one awkward movement and the entire work is ruined. Thankfully, none of this occurred. In general, if you like things that are both modest and expensive, this hoodie is for you. Despite my modesty, the drawings on the front and back sides scream acrylic paints, especially since they are painted in mother-of-pearl shades.

This black handcrafted patterned women's sweatshirt features a classic neutral bird of prey theme. The drawing appears to be based on antique engravings or pictures. The birds are created in an outline style, but there are many more shades of gray and shiny color than you might believe.

The hoodie exudes a serene autumn vibe, owing to the pink-orange leaves that adorn the entire free surface of this sweatshirt, including the hood. The hoodie imposes no further constraints in terms of color combination; if you have anything comparable to red in your wardrobe, it would not hurt to try such an experiment at least once. However, as you can see, the hoodie also has brown and bronze tones.

The hoodie's pattern is lovely; if you're bored of other cats, this classic is a terrific option.

The item is one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind. High aesthetic and artistic value. The birds are painted with white, silver, and gray mother-of-pearl paint, and the bronze sparrow is painted with ocher. A pattern of leaves covers the entire surface of the red sweatshirt. Acrylic paints are thermally fixed, which means they will not wash off, fade, or crack over time.

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Customer Reviews

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Very noble hoodie

I don't like things that are too provocative, and I don't enjoy drawing too much attention to myself. Still, I dislike being a gray mouse. In my life, I am continuously seeking for a balance between boasting and modesty, brightness and dullness. But I believe you should dress formally but not flashily. This hoodie seemed to me to be the golden mean. This hoodie does not appear to give much cause to show off, but it also does not keep you in the shadows.

Karen L.
Patterned hoodie that is quite fashionable

Lovely hoodie with a beautiful feathery pattern. Fashion icon. Thank you, now I know what something truly noteworthy looks like.

Even I liked this hoodie

I dislike colorful and flamboyant items, which includes hoodies. I have sweatshirts with pictures, which aren't as large as the ones on this hoodie, but it was still interesting to look at. Even though I was thrilled with this hoodie, I still believe that apparel should not be bright and flamboyant. Attract attention to yourself with your mind, not your clothes! Yet, in this case, everything is so delicate and graceful that I have nothing against such a sweatshirt.