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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket yakuza cat

Women's denim jacket yakuza cat

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Size XS painted denim jacket. Sleeve length is 60 cm, waist width is 40 cm, and the jacket length is 53 cm. The front cat with the keys and the singing cat. Behind the cat is a yakuza, who is adept at dealing with mice. The fabric is made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. The jacket stretches slightly and fits well on the body.

Beautiful Japanese-style denim jacket for women. The villain cat on the denim jacket's back merits special notice. A seasoned evil cat snatched the befuddled yakuza mouse. The mice have already laid down their swords and are just concerned with salvation. A butterfly flying by distracted the one-eyed yakuza cat at the time. This is a truly spectacular image. The cat is fully tattooed in accordance with Japanese customs. On the front of the denim jacket, the detailed drawing continues. There are two additional cats there, one of which is a cat singer with a guitar, which is currently on a high note. The second cat is not as creative. The second cat is not as creative. This is a warlike cat with a skull tattoo, an antediluvian electric weapon in his teeth, and a red sun as a backdrop. Red, white, bronze, and black dominate the denim jacket. The jacket is also embellished with crimson flowers with golden stamens.

My fabric painting is done with acrylic paint. The combination of the beautiful painting and the style of the jacket complements the figure perfectly. There are no special care requirements. Under no circumstances is the pattern washed away.

The jacket is one-of-a-kind, with Japanese-style drawings, and it draws a lot of attention. Such an investment is unlikely to lose value over time.

The coolness of the pattern alone makes this denim stand out. It's difficult to think of a more trendy theme. It's difficult to imagine how your familiar men and women will react to this new thing. The visual component of the jacket is insanely beautiful.

Many masters paint on denim jackets because denim is the most comfortable fabric canvas for drawing and because denim jackets are much easier to paint on than a sweatshirt, hoodie, or even a T-shirt. However, such a painting ends with only one pattern on the back of the jacket, which is insufficient for full decor.

This Japanese denim jacket's major color theme is, of course, red. If you have such items in your wardrobe, it means nothing because the jacket is so creatively painted that people around you are unlikely to notice how you blend outfits. Everyone will most likely be staring at the cats in your jacket. Perhaps you have something Japanese or Japanese-style in your wardrobe, though I'm not sure what it is. A kimono is defined as anything in Japanese style by a modern person. However, if you still like Japanese fashion and find it difficult to wear a kimono, this Japanese-style cat denim jacket may be a good alternative. Of course, jeans in red, not blue, are the greatest choice here.

Denim jackets, as you know, last a lifetime and do not fray or wear out like denim pants. A true work of art that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Collectors and clothing museums may be interested in the jacket.

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Customer Reviews

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Joy Т
Very funny denim jacket

I was astounded when I discovered this denim jacket on the Internet; I never imagined such a garment could exist. Of course, I noticed that they paint entire real-life pictures. Yet photographs are only pictures, no matter how lovely and lifelike they are. Yet, it appeared to me that the major benefit of such work with a denim jacket is the creation of something cool and hilarious. This jacket's design was completely enough for the task. The mice are quite amusing, and the cat is a terrific thief! Done and dusted. And since there is no difference in what to wear this jacket with, I believe it is illogical and superfluous to write about what clothes to wear this jacket with. This jacket is not a style, but rather a sheer delight, despite the fact that it is surprisingly well-tailored. Often, when I see similar coats, they are frameless with baggy tailoring, but the tailoring here is exquisite and fitted.

Japanese denim jacket

A fashionable jacket with Japanese accents and humorous figures. Without a doubt, a visual impact icon. This denim jacket gets a standing ovation.

Cool denim jacket

Such cool mice, I just can't. Cool job.

If you have a sense of style, this is a good option.

A fine denim jacket, nothing special, but I believe it will draw attention to themselves. It is completely capable of completing this duty.