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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket shooter

Women's denim jacket shooter

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S-sized painted denim jacket. Sleeve length is 58 cm, jacket length is 54 cm, and waist size is 40 cm. Ladies wear a fancy denim jacket.

The painting was inspired by Japanese and Korean art from the Edo period (17th century). A painting based on Korean folk art from the same era hangs on the back. High level of detail.

A fancy jacket hand-painted with a militant yakuza samurai in armor and a gun, a skull, a snake, and a flower for the ladies. What other characters can stand up to this jacket? This is almost the only clothing with a warlike character, and it is especially adorable when it is women's military clothing. This jacket has an outstanding design as well as a fitted fit that will highlight your athletic personality.

I believe men will be very impressed by you. Cats, snakes, mice, and other charms are, of course, very cute, but such a picture will shock people, especially men, and I'll tell you a secret: they will be very impressed by your taste.

Samurai equipped with a gun and armor. A thousand minute details, meticulous drawing. Perfect style and color combination.

This handcrafted denim jacket will not disappoint. The drawings' motifs are highly militant. On the back is a Japanese warrior, dressed in green military gear and a denim jacket. Warriors' embroidered golden trousers, with intricate footwork. Falling leaves, opulent Japanese swords, a highly decorated pistol, a valiant warrior's face with hair flying in the wind, and a flag with a golden skull.

We can already see a silver skull with a black and red snake on the front of the denim jacket. So, what are we going to do without a snake?

A denim jacket is full of subtle features that you might not notice right away. If you look at the snake over a longer period of time, you will notice not only small outlines of scales, but also tattoos of skulls on the snake's skin. The snake design extends beneath the denim jacket's pocket. The designs are strategically placed across the full surface of the jacket, leaving no blank places. On the right side of the denim jacket, a flower in the shape of an eye is drawn. The colors of the jacket are well-matched.

If the graphics on the front of the denim jacket appear static, the warrior with a gun on the back is in motion. The waving flag, the warrior's hair, his posture, and a crushed huge flower all contribute to the image's drama.

Women's handcrafted denim jacket. In reality, such a piece of clothes can pose some issues with the rest of the apparel. What should such a thing be combined with? As seen on the denim jacket, there are vivid green, red, gold, and silver accents. On the one hand, the color selection is extensive, and it will be easy to find anything to pair with this denim jacket. Green is a very unusual guest in our wardrobe, even among ladies, and it is just as rare as red. In any case, I'm confident you'll be able to find something stylish to pair with this denim jacket. On the other hand, such a vibrant and intriguing collection of visual imagery will make no one think about how effectively you match colors. Others simply do not have enough time to consider this because they are absorbed in the process of looking at what is depicted there.

Handmade with great care for detail. Acrylic paints are non-washable, non-rusting, non-wearing, and non-fading in the sun. With a slight correction for vision, their status appearance is visible from a distance.

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Customer Reviews

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super cool

The denim jacket is very unusual, very interesting, I haven’t seen anything like it for so many years

Мale territory

Nothing like it had ever been seen before. This denim jacket is a perfect example of what I mean. I noticed a lot of comparable items on other online buying sites, but the designer's imagination is generally pretty limited. But here, I realize that this vision is not constrained by anything; I see clothes samples for any taste and in the finest possible way. Some apparel may appear to be for persons with unique and unconventional tastes. A Japanese man with a rifle and wearing armor is an odd design for a women's denim jacket. But how suitable this design appears to be, as a Japanese with hair flying in the wind and leaves dropping. I know from my experience that we ladies dress not for ourselves, but for those around us, and among these individuals are separate victims whom we want to surprise and impress. Clothing is no longer only something that keeps us warm; it is an image subject, a means of expressing oneself. And such a denim jacket, I believe, is first and foremost intended to evoke impressions in guys. Males are unlikely to be impressed by paintings of flowers and cats, but I am confident that this design will! So the jacket is already on their property and in their best interests.

Everyone will be envious of you.

This is the coolest denim jacket for women. The theme is fantastic! The jacket is both militant and stunning. I believe that putting on such a garment will elevate your militant status to heaven!

Cool denim jacket

It's difficult to think of anything more intriguing and stylish. I am overjoyed and couldn't help but write a few lines. I had no idea green could look so good on a blue denim jacket. I'd seen white and black before, but never such color combinations. Congratulations to the work's creator!