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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket Scary cat

Women's denim jacket Scary cat

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S-sized jacket. Sleeve length is 61 cm, length is 53 cm, and the waist width is 42 cm. Painted in the style of Japanese tattoos with acrylic paints.

Let me begin by saying that it is simply stunning. This women's denim jacket was designed with comfort in mind. It has a classic fit and offers give where you need it while still providing a classic straight fit. The denim jacket has a classic fitted design that flatters a slim figure while emphasizing all of its advantages. The denim jacket is the ideal combination of fine tailoring and a stunningly beautiful unique mural design. On the back of the jacket, there is a tattoo of a demon with hooves and a cat with a mouse in its mouth. A Japanese demon and a mouse wielding a death scythe are also present. A pattern of small white flowers stands out brightly on the blue jacket.

This beautifully designed hand-painted women's denim jacket will not disappoint. Hand-painted or just patterned denim jackets or other items typically have a dominating or predominant side. It could be the back or the front. But, this is not the case with this denim jacket. In terms of painting, which side of this jacket is the most prominent? The back of a denim jacket is more active, which is not surprising given that a charming cat springs from your back with a mouse in its teeth. Dynamics can be seen in the crushed grass from the cat's claws and the flying petals of little flowers all around. The resurrected tattoo of a Japanese goat monster is beautiful. Of course, you'll notice the supernatural creature's tracing hooves.

The characters painted on the denim jacket are artistically detailed. The battle rat on the front of the jacket contrasts with the drooping mouse on the back. Despite being armed with a scythe, the rat is really charming. A classic Japanese demon with horns appears on the front of the denim jacket, next to the rat. In general, all of the elements of an effective visual design of a denim jacket are present.

As a continuation of the motif, small flowers are placed to the denim jacket's sleeves. You are free to speak. You may say a lot about the jacket's minor features, but more than a thousand words, all of the lovely elements can be seen in this product's thorough images and videos.

Jacket with character, flair, and design. It will always be in your closet because it is timeless and never goes out of style. Acrylic paints are durable, resistant to external impacts, and require no particular maintenance.

This denim jacket does not put any restrictions on clothing combinations or selection. The pattern's dominant color is silver. This is a color that is considered neutral. If you find it difficult to choose a patterned denim jacket due to your tight color-combination constraints, I recommend this alternative. The bottom of the jacket can be practically any color, including ordinary denim, white, or black. Yes, the jacket is red and gold, but they do not determine the weather. The denim jacket is incredibly lovely and unusual; passers-by on the street may be too preoccupied with the details of this artwork to notice anything else. The denim jacket symbolizes what is possibly the most popular visual concept of cats for women. Furthermore, the drawings themselves may not be thematically related to one another, but rather a collection of the most interesting images that you can think of. A typical women's denim jacket has a small surface area. Putting three full-fledged drawings on it is a difficult undertaking, but as you can see, it is doable. Simultaneously, the decoration continues on the sleeves and all empty areas of the jacket.

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Very beautiful women's denim jacket

A extremely nice denim jacket that I discovered by chance on the Internet. I'd seen similar jackets before, but I was shocked by how attractive the denim jackets in this online store are in comparison to others. There are other jackets here, all distinct and in different styles, but the only thing they all have in common is a sense of style. I understand that a single product cannot be cheap, and the cost of this denim jacket is most likely justified by the amount of labor put it. Of course, it's a shame that such a lovely jacket is also pricey, but I was daydreaming!

Clear denim jacket

The denim jacket is embellished with intriguing characters. When compared to other jackets, there may not be anything spectacular here, but when viewed in isolation, the jacket is really striking! The decoration on the denim jacket is distinct and crisp, especially given that it is hand painted.

Noteworthy denim jacket

I witnessed such beauty, I'm simply enthralled; it's especially lovely when everything is littered with such small flowers. Gorgeous denim jacket with a one-of-a-kind design. It appears to be highly fashionable, especially given that it is a Japanese style that is always in style. A slightly pricey jacket, but as far as I can tell, this is a living sketch, not a print. Everyone will be staring at you when you wear this denim jacket!