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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket Cats

Women's denim jacket Cats

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Jacket made by hand in size M. Sleeve length is 58 cm, height is 49 cm, and the waist width is 56 cm. Hand-embroidered cats on a white women's fancy jacket.

Japanese tattoo design. High level of detail. Please keep in mind that the jacket is white, and there may be traces of paint splatter or marker on the surface from a preliminary sketch. The front features adorable kitties with tattooed dragons and crouching tigers. On the reverse side, the red color appears, and the theme becomes less rosy.

I was tormented by the question of what kind of decoration to do on the sleeves and other surfaces of the jacket that weren't already occupied by the drawings. The first thought was to use a sword to make bloody footprints on a cat's paws. As you can see, the cat severed the monkey's head. But common sense won out over the temptation to overdramatize the work. Nonetheless, it was decided to pause on olive leaves with golden contours.

The jacket depicts the timeless theme of good versus evil, while the front side only depicts cute cats. What could possibly be better? The kitties are adorable, and their tattoos are equally so. On the back is a holy cat with a rat tattoo that has been revived. On the right side of the back, there is a bloodthirsty cat wielding a Japanese sword that defeated a monkey, as well as a yakuza mouse who is dumbfounded by everything that happens. Yakuza cat with a tomato sprig in his teeth and crab tattoos.

Acrylic paints create the illusion of a precious coating on the fabric, which is strikingly different from the usual print. The prices of such products are also noticeably different. This is precisely the case.

The jacket is eternal, which means that acrylic paint does not change shape when exposed to the jacket under any conditions.

The fact that this is all done by hand with acrylic paints on fabric is obvious to passers-by on the street. At a distance of one kilometer, passers-by on the street have no doubt that this is all handmade using acrylic paints on fabric. However, because the drawings are textured, you might mistake this coloring for embroidery.

This white jeweled denim jacket with handmade beautiful animals will almost certainly be worn with white apparel. But, it appears to me that a white denim jacket with golden highlights in its design will be the major focus of your ensemble and will not need to be paired with anything similar. I don't wish to downplay the importance of other items, but these kitties are so gorgeous that they will be the first to be seen. You can image how envious you are of your denim jacket. You can describe this denim jacket in as many words as you want, but detailed photographs and videos are preferable to a thousand words.

A denim jacket will go with any gold pocketbook or similar item, and this gold jacket provides you an excuse to wear gold jewelry.

The jacket has modest red parts on the back, allowing you to wear something red. Nothing is more attractive and elegant than cats on a jacket, as you are well aware. Cat t-shirts are plentiful, but a cat denim jacket is uncommon. If you can flaunt a cat T-shirt in the summer, a cat jacket will please you and those around you on the street in another season. Remember that we have cats on T-shirts and cats for any taste in our store. Cats, on the other hand, are for everyone on this denim jacket. Both adorable and nasty.

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Customer Reviews

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Denim jacket with very cute cats

Denim jacket is very nice and lovely. Cats have extremely cute tattoos or paintings on them; I'm not sure what it's called when drawings of other animals are on the animals themselves. Of course, I found a number of comparable denim jackets for sale on the Internet, but only in blue and black. But the design here is simply outstanding. But it's not about the color of the jacket; it's about the design and graphics, which in this case appeared unmatched to me. Furthermore, the kitties on the back and front are really wonderful!

Dress in a way that will catch the attention of people

A bright denim jacket for those who enjoy having people stare at them from all directions. And, in the case of this jacket, you will be scrutinized from both the front and the back. There is something to look at. If you enjoy being the center of attention, this denim jacket is for you. It's difficult to imagine a more eye-catching ensemble.

I'm not willing to part with this denim jacket.

Thanks to the cat designs, this denim jacket is especially appealing on the front. Simply adorable kittens with amusing Japanese tattoos. I'm not sure who came up with the idea of the animals having tattoos of other creatures. I won't be surprised if we see tattooed cats or dogs soon, as these tattoos have now become popular and can be seen on every second person you meet on the street. I've considered getting a tattoo myself, but I can't decide what to get because a tattoo is permanent and impossible to remove. Tattoos on denim jackets, on the other hand, are not as frightening because you can just throw away a denim jacket if you become tired of it; nevertheless, in the case of this jacket, it would be a shame to throw it away because you could probably donate it to someone. But I doubt that I, for one, would come up with the notion of selling this jacket!

The best denim jacket

The denim jacket is adorable. A white denim jacket is really rare. I've noticed that they frequently abuse the golden color here, but I admit that in the right mix, such as here with olive, it may look great. Excellent design. The jacket is a little pricy for me, but that isn't the issue.