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Alex Kokhan

Women's blouse Winged skull in a hat

Women's blouse Winged skull in a hat

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First and foremost, it's stunning! The blouse was hand-painted with acrylic paints and is only available in size S. 56 cm in length, 38 cm in width at the waist. The sweater is stretchy. Skulls in Mexican style. The sweater is made of medium-density elastic fabric. Natural fabric composed of 70% viscose and 30% polyamide.

Simply stating that this is a lovely sweater is inadequate. The paints simply glided across the stretch viscose. The eye-catching pattern on black fabric, the variety of colors used, and the haunting image.

Every item in my shop has a name, such as this sweater, which is called Winged Skull in a Hat! I'm not sure why, but I try to make the title fully describe what is displayed.

It is not immediately obvious that the skull is not human, but rather a vampire animal wearing a pirate hat. Feathers can also be found in the skulls... I debated whether to paint the eye cavities with patterns while creating, but in the end, I was so pleased with the finished product that I didn't dare to make any more changes for fear of ruining something that was already perfect. You can ruin an otherwise perfect symphony by adding extra notes. In general, the sweater is in good condition.

Normally, micro-splashes of paint drops remain after working on the fabric, but this time there were none. By the way, any prints from acrylic paint are extremely difficult to remove from fabric, so I avoid doing so, claiming that possible paint droplets are an integral part of the artist's work. That's how I see myself as an artist.

There is sometimes a fine line between a blouse, a T-shirt, and a sweater. This garment is officially called a blouse, although it can also be considered a T-shirt or cool-weather attire. This blouse's fabric is thick and stretches well to accommodate the body. In any case, whether it's a blouse or a T-shirt, you won't be able to wear it in hot weather; this top is more like to a sleeveless sweater. This is an excellent option if you need to attend a party or a formal function but do not want to appear too prim and serious.

From the side, the black tight blouse with a magnificent handmade pattern is an enticing sight. This beautiful impact can be amplified if the blouse is successfully color coordinated with other items in your outfit. As you can see, the red color dominates the blouse; this color is not commonly seen in women's wardrobes. As a result, this blouse serves as a litmus test for a variety of your taste and color preferences. However, such a lovely blouse could be the reason for the appearance of your red clothing. If you already own red shoes or a red handbag, you should consider this buy. The blouse looks great under the jacket, especially since the back of the blouse has remained untouchable for paintbrushes, and the jacket will not cover anything.

A hat will also be worn with this blouse, especially if it is crimson. Consider purchasing something red for your head to go with this outfit.

This cozy T-pattern shirt's design can be described as discouraging. The pattern is entirely unexpected, especially on a woman's blouse.

To summarize, acrylic paints are not washed off the fabric, they do not require special care, and even when using stretchable fabric, the paints stretch along with the fabric without leaving any unwanted artifacts on the surface of the sweater.

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Customer Reviews

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Bright blouse with feathers

I'm attempting to find out how these garments may be labeled as a smart blouse or sweater. In any case, I'm pleased by the artwork's concept and uniqueness. According to my understanding, the drawing was done by hand using brushes and special paints. Since bold colors on black matter, this blouse stands out.

Looks like perfection

Good blouse for casual cosplay

Nice blouse, a bit high price

This is a fantastic blouse! I've never seen anything like it, and this website has been a big discovery to me. The blouse tag is also handmade. The design is quite colorful. In terms of fabric composition, I consider viscose, but with synthetics. Still, the blouse looks great. I haven't seen acrylic paints on viscose blouses, but I have seen them on T-shirts and denim jackets, so I had that information. The skull with wings is adorable, but I prefer the headgear with feathers. The blouse is somewhat costly.