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Alex Kokhan

Men's short sleeve t-shirt Face with lips

Men's short sleeve t-shirt Face with lips

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A strangely painted face on a men's black T-shirt. Hand-painted with acrylics on a T-shirt in the only size M, length 69 cm, width 47 cm. Sizing parameters can also be found in the images.

Men's black t-shirt with a magnificent pattern that is both beautiful and distinctive. The face characteristics on this T-shirt were drawn using many colors; normally, I do not combine acrylics on the fabric and paint in pure color. The density of the paint application creates the light-shadow of the face; the more layers of paint applied, the brighter the color, and vice versa. If you work with paint on a paper canvas, the canvas will withstand any number of layers of paint, but this approach will not work with clothing fabric, especially the thin fabric of a T-shirt. As a result, there are little attempts to establish the proper face features.

As a result, there are little attempts to establish the proper face features.

While the T-shirt is M, or medium, the surface of the front side of the T-shirt is fairly huge, since the T-shirt is for males. This enables the creation of a huge drawing. The eyes and lips are contour painted, there is a reflection of light, and the drawn tag totally repeats the pattern of the T-shirt.

It is unlikely that a man will try to match the color of this T-shirt with other items in his wardrobe, but it is worth noting that a lady may also appreciate this T-shirt.

In this scenario, this T-shirt is an excellent excuse to apply red lipstick to your lips and carry a red handbag or wear red shoes. T-shirt composed of a lightweight fabric that is ideal for the summer months.

T-shirts for daring guys that can also be worn by women. Because the pattern is multi-layered, the heterogeneity of the pattern's surface can be detected. The cloth is extremely dense. A complex design in a one-of-a-kind piece and size. A stunning drawing using vibrant acrylic paints that stand out against the black fabric of a T-shirt. The face is painted with a variety of colors to create a natural impression. The face on a T-shirt may resemble the face of your spouse, a relative, or a close friend, making it an appropriate gift for such a person.

Although the T-shirt is intended for guys, I believe it would also look good on a lady. Also, women with blond hair outnumber men with this hair color. I'm not referring to bright lips. This black short sleeve men's t-shirt is the only one available, providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to highlight the individuality of a person with exceptional taste.

Moreover, if it's no joke, acrylic paints are so distinct from other means of sketching a picture that there's just nothing to compare them to. Acrylic is permanent and impervious to outside forces.

The only caveat is that the T-fabric shirt's can wear out over time. However, this does not apply to consumer items.

A T-shirt, for example, might gain artistic value through time and even increase in price... After all, the price of art only rises with time...

The black premium cotton T-shirt is an excellent choice for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Father's Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and the New Year.

This is the best black men's T-shirt with a handmade print. The drawing is extremely lovely and vibrant, and it will elicit a lot of questions. The t-shirt is truly intended to be worn out in order to jump into people. You can wear it to a party or when you go to see someone. This T-shirt will draw a lot of attention to you. The most popular color of t-shirt among males is black. Black is thought to be manly. If the T-shirt is black, it makes no difference what is painted on it. T-shirt made of organic cotton, although I cannot confirm this assertion completely. In certain ways, t-shirts are intended to help the environment. After all, each T-shirt requires up to 2750 L of water to manufacture. The land becomes saline and less fruitful as a result of huge amounts of liquid, and it is also poisoned with pesticides.

So, the main benefit of this T-shirt is that it can be worn in the summer because, despite the black color, it is thin, and the T-shirt is incredibly stylish and incredibly unique. Even the tag is designed in the style of the T-shirt.

In terms of what to wear with this T-shirt, I believe that once a man has it, he will disregard such wishes and recommendations. However, take note of the presence of red and dark silver. The color of yellow vokhra allows for the combination of natural leather and brown shades with clothing and shoes.

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Customer Reviews

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Ruth T

To be honest, this is the best T-shirt I've ever seen.

Stylish T-shirt

There are no words to describe how awesome this T-shirt is. I observed the statements in the description for this T-shirt about how exhausting agriculture in general, and cotton farming in particular, are for the ecology of our world. I'd like to add something and mention that we buy a lot of garments nowadays because they are inexpensive and affordable. We only toss away clothes after a few wears and because we want to get something new. We would undoubtedly appreciate what we have more if T-shirts were more expensive. At this price, this t-shirt helps rescue our world! Although this assumption may appear absurd to you, it is correct. You are unlikely to want to throw away this t-shirt because its value is high; you will buy less items that you will soon discard due to boredom; by doing so, you will contribute to slowing down climate change!

My own museum

The t-shirt is truly unique! This is generally painted on canvas and put on the wall, however there was no canvas in this case. To be honest, I've never seen anything like it done so elegantly with a black T-shirt. Exhibit of T-shirts!

nice looking t-shirt

In my opinion, this is a stunning T-shirt; you could stare at this face for hours, and I believe it will have the same effect on the street. Even the price of the T-shirt does not appear to be excessive in comparison to the style it provides! The eyes and lips are stunning, as seen by the photo, which is an unusual occurrence for online businesses when a video evaluation is also provided for each product. Such worry for customers who, until the moment of purchase and reception of products, are unable to feel and judge what they are purchasing. This has always perplexed me, because buying over the Internet is like buying a pig in a poke; you don't know what you're getting or what will come to you. It is common for one thing to appear in the photo, but a completely other product to arrive. Yet, in most cases, the thing appears considerably better in the photograph than it does in reality. I don't recall ever being pleased with Internet purchasing; I only buy in shopping malls when the things can be inspected in person!