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Alex Kokhan

Women's sweatshirt selfie kitties

Women's sweatshirt selfie kitties

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S-sized oversized sweater. Sleeve length is 53 cm, height is 68 cm, and waist size is 62 cm. The fabric is 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Drawing sweatshirt produced with acrylic paints on fabric with a high level of detail. Japanese tattoos served as inspiration. This is the most vibrant hoodie or sweater you've ever seen. I believe the topic of Japanese cats has been fully disclosed.

The most stylish graphic sweatshirt. On the front of the sweatshirt, there is a group of cats taking a selfie. The main cat presses the button on the phone. He has an Android phone, all of photography's heroes are visible on the screen, and we are relieved that all of the cats were in the frame with the proper focus. Because the extremely impressionable cat on the right has already taken a similar photo on her ultra-fashionable Phone in pink and is filled with glee, it can be assumed that this is not the first selfie recently taken.

The feline on the left sweatshirt is more reserved and wants to appear serious, which is understandable given that she has a tattoo of a fearsome tiger, and tigers, to put it mildly, oblige to be serious. Here is a cat with a mouse tattoo on the back of its head and a firebird tattoo on its back, who modestly waves its paw into the frame.

There's also a cat on the back of the sweater, but it's a yakuza cat wielding a sword. She, too, raises her paw, but this time she waves it at all passers-by who turn their necks and stare back at you. As it were, the kitty says, "Goodbye, bye!" A mouse with a similar indication says it better. Without a doubt, everyone who passes by will stare at you while wearing this sweatshirt.

There is no mistake that this is a handmade sweatshirt with acrylic paints; the doubt vanishes even from a great distance away since the painting is so vivid and distinct that it cannot be confused with other ways of cheap machine printing and drawings.

The size is shown in one of the images, and all characteristics are visible on the metric.

The best pink hoodie, large and with a handmade pattern. For all pink lovers. If you're not sure what to wear with this sweatshirt, there's a lot of black, white, silver, and a little red here. In any case, the sweatshirt looks great with black jeans or pants. Dark silver can be used as an accent hue when selecting a handbag or shoes. In any event, the hoodie is dimensionlessly elegant and very cute; paintings with adorable images of cats will occupy others so much that no one will even consider analyzing this sweatshirt and what you pair it with. This piece of apparel is completely self-contained, but if you can find a way to highlight it, you deserve credit and praise. Although nominally a small size, the large area of the fabric allowed for a huge pattern with many cat characters, each of which has its own personality and deserves to be looked at for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice and expensive

The sweatshirt is very lovely! Gorgeous cat photographs, each one can be pondered for a long time, since I see a large sweatshirt, despite the fact that the size is little. Just like my friends and I take a group photo for remembrance, the caricature of us is pretty accurate! The sweatshirt's back design is really excellent! If you click on the shot where the Android phone is, you can view the complete company snapping pictures in detail and make sure that everyone fits in the photo! I've rarely seen anything like this in photographs, let alone on clothing. A gorgeous cat with a pink iPhone is really something! The motif also includes tattoos and floral pattern decor. The only drawback is that the pricing is not the most affordable! Given the price of the sweatshirt, four stars!

The sweatshirt needs a pink iPhone

Pink cellphones are back in style thanks to this sweater. I recently changed my pink iPhone to green, which I now believe was a mistake.

The best sweatshirt for selfies

The ideal sweatshirt for taking selfies. I've never seen a better girlie sweatshirt. When there is no difference between where, with whom, and against what backdrop to take a selfie. This is a selfie in a sweatshirt.

Narcissistic cats

Numerous details of cats' and other amusing tiny creatures' faces. It's astonishing that the sweatshirt is almost entirely comprised of natural cotton fabric, which is becoming increasingly scarce. The hoodie itself appears simple, but the painting transforms it completely. Pink color and egotistical cats go hand in hand. At first sight, I fell in love with this sweater.

Thank you for your compliments on the sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.