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Alex Kokhan

Women's sweatshirt japanese cat

Women's sweatshirt japanese cat

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S-sized oversized sweater. Sleeve length is 48 cm, length is 71 cm, and the waist width is 62 cm. The fabric is made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

The most stylish graphic sweatshirt. Front design inspired by Asian tattoos. On the back is a design in the Edo era (17th century) style of Korean folk art.

Sweater with a high level of design and attention to detail. The pattern itself is quite huge, both in front and on the back. This sweatshirt's bright coloring using acrylic mother-of-pearl paints "burns" quite sharply on the gray background. In an ideal harmony of design excellence, all colors are buddies. Photographic accuracy in drawing a cat's muzzle, with a knife drawn in its teeth no less qualitatively. The fish on a cat is a Japanese-style tattoo design motif.

Hand-painted Japanese cat style emblem on a women's sweater. The extra-large hoodie allowed for extremely large prints. The cat on the front of the hoodie is larger than two ordinary A3 sizes, and the creature on the back is the same. The cat is made of gold, as is the amusing funny tiger on the sweatshirt's back. Pearlescent teal and pearlescent pink dominate the sweatshirt style. These colors may be seen in the pattern of fish, as well as huge flowers on the hoodie. Yet, black blooms have a distinct style. The tiger on the back is golden, and there are golden and black flowers to match. The pattern on the front and back of the sweatshirt, however, is the same style and subject. The cat's amusing expression is drawn with care, as is the knife. The sweatshirt's main purpose is to make people happy because it is not only a work of art, but also has pleasant drawings. The sweatshirt will appeal to children, your girlfriends will love it, and men will like it as well.

The best handmade patterned sweatshirt in Japanese design. The hoodie itself is gray, but the pattern is predominantly gold; this moment evokes specific color nuances. The extensive gold design on both the front and back removes any moral qualms about wearing gold, and the more gold you wear, the better. If you didn't have a reason to wear your favorite jewelry previously, these noble reasons will be found with such a hoodie. More gold, more gold! If you don't have a golden purse, a black one with a golden clasp can suffice, and what kind of clasps are actually on handbags. The sweater has turquoise and pink highlights on the front, blue jeans are appropriate for turquoise, but only you know you have pink in your closet. The sweatshirt's fabric is gray, which is a global hue, so there are no problems about the combination. Some of the flowers on the sweatshirt are black, which allows you to wear a black bottom, such as regular black jeans. This sweater goes well with anything in black and gold.

Enormous cat pictures are produced in gold paint, which wonderfully reflects the ambient light; the sweatshirt can appear especially fantastic at sunset, when weak rays are still reflected from the gold paint and the rest of the sweatshirt is already in shadow.

The acrylic drawing does not wash off or fade with time, and the sweatshirt is timeless, especially given that it is big and there is nothing to rub in it over time.

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Customer Reviews

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Far superior to other sweatshirts

Wonderful hoodie with cats, the gold contrasts beautifully with the gray fabric. The black, gold, and pink floral patterns that cover the whole surface of the hoodie add a stylish touch to the already fashionable patterns. By the way, these are not empty words: this hoodie is the best in its category that I have ever met. There are plenty of these, but this sweater reigns supreme!

The most stylish sweatshirt I have ever seen.

Beautiful sweatshirt with a large pattern that is both attractive and noble. According to the sweatshirt's fabric makeup, there are 20% synthetics, but I don't think this changes anything, five stars! Nothing changes, and the price is somewhat higher, but this is a relative indicator.

Not plain sweatshirt

Nice combination of gold and black. Stylish sweatshirt, I even like the back more than the front. After what you see, plain sweatshirts look very simple.