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Alex Kokhan

Women's sweatshirt dragons in the sky

Women's sweatshirt dragons in the sky

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Streetwear with graphic hoodies. Hand-painted with acrylic paints with Edo period Japanese dragons on a zipper sweater in size S. Sleeve length is 59 cm, waist width is 49 cm, and overall length is 61 cm.

Women's Zip-up Hoodie at its best. The sweatshirt is exceptionally warm, and it may also be used as outerwear in 'European' winter circumstances. The fabric is made up of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. However, the cloth appears to be entirely genuine to the touch.

The most stylish graphic sweatshirt. The illustration depicts Chinese dragons playing in the clouds. Nevertheless, if you believe dragons exist, these are the most gorgeous dragons in existence.

Women's black hooded hoodie with a zipper. It's important to note that the sweatshirt is fairly dense and warm. If you live in a cold climate, this sweatshirt is an excellent choice. This item of apparel can be classified as a sweatshirt with a hood or a hoodie with a zipper, but that isn't the point; the point is that it was hand painted with acrylics. The painting's theme is Chinese dragons, which are rendered with grace. We may claim that the dragon theme has been fully shown and is usually closed. The sweatshirt gracefully symbolizes the golden dragons, each with its own charisma, attitude, and personality. These minor differences are readily noticeable due to their look. On the front of the hoodie, funny miniature dragons with their tongues hanging out are drawn. The one on the right is just overjoyed, while the dragon on the left is holding a magical ball. On the back of the sweatshirt, a simple dragon battle is taking place. The first is silver, while the second is gold. The sweatshirt's decorative motif is flowers, which cover all of the hoodie's free surfaces. The clouds become transparent as they move from the back to the front of the sweatshirt. In general, the clouds are exactly what they should be.

The most beautiful hand-painted zipper hoodie. The gold hue dominates the hoodie, making it feasible to mix this magnificent color. To begin with, wearing a hoodie absolves you of the burden of wearing gold jewelry; if you previously could not find a cause to do so, this sweatshirt removes all prohibitions. Because the hoodie is black, black jeans are ideal, but if you have something in an outrageous color, such as gold or even red, it will be very fashionable. The color red is, of course, a rare guest in our wardrobe, but the dragons flying in the sky on this hoodie with protruding tongues are exactly red, as is the floral décor throughout the sweatshirt; nonetheless, your red nails will suffice. A golden-colored purse is great for a sweatshirt; if none are available, a black handbag with a gold clasp would suffice.

On the back, white clouds, a ball, and a silver dragon entice you to wear a white bottom.

I want to underline that the hoodie is quite warm, made of thick fabric, and ideal for cold weather.

The best design that can be envisaged in this area is detailed drawing. Given the acrylic paint on the fabric, which contains a resin that penetrates the cloth during thermal fixing, as well as an extremely dense sweatshirt fabric, the product can be termed eternal.

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Customer Reviews

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Interesting hoodie

Glad to see beautiful things

Gold sweatshirt with a hood.

The most amusing dragons I've ever seen. The sweater also appears to be very warm; I believe this would be appropriate in Canada, for example.

Chinese sweatshirt

A very intriguing sweatshirt with a hood and a zipper; I prefer hoodies with zippers since they are easier to put on and take off. I didn't like all kinds of pictures on clothes until I saw this item on the Internet; I could accept T-shirts with a drawing, but drawings on hoodies seemed like a big taboo to me. But now I realize that a total drawing on a hoodie is normal, or at the very least that there is nothing repugnant about it, and a sweatshirt with a painting covering the full surface looks, of course, too elegant but acceptable. I used to believe that excessive sketching was a symptom of a lack of taste, but now I realize that everyone is envious of what and how is done. This hoodie's design strikes me as highly sophisticated. I believe the sweatshirt will appeal not only to admirers of Chinese style, if I may say so, on clothing with Chinese dragons.