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Alex Kokhan

Women's sweatshirt cat and elephants

Women's sweatshirt cat and elephants

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S-sized oversized sweater. Sleeve length is 48 cm, length is 71 cm, and the waist width is 62 cm. The fabric is made up of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

Handmade acrylic painting on both sides in a large scale. Paint microparticles may be present on the cloth, which is an unavoidable component of the artist's work.

Because of the gigantic size of this hoodie, I was able to produce large paintings in the same style and with the same flower ornamentation. Big cat pics are pretty stunning. The design is flawless; from the front, the cat with elephants appears colossal; an absolutely gorgeous piece.

An extra-chic oversized hoodie with an antediluvian-style decorative design with amusing cats, elephants, and a snake. Of course, you'll notice the term "antediluvian" and wonder what it means. On the front of the sweatshirt, two turquoise elephants hold what appears to be a key in their trunks, but it is actually an antique antediluvian weapon. Why will the antediluvian still insist on you? And I will respond that the nature of their use is unknown today.

The current sceptre of power and rulers is a replica of the electrostatic weapon that existed during the ancient antediluvian culture.

Rather, this sceptre is now merely a symbol of authority, but it was an electrical weapon before the flood.

The sceptre, which was employed by the pharaohs, is the oldest sign of power. The sceptre's prototype is a shepherd's staff, which the church stole from bishops as a symbol of pastoral authority; European sovereigns replaced it with shortened wands - sceptres. Thus, what you see on a sweatshirt in elephant trunks is an antediluvian electric weapon, not a key or a modern sceptre.

On the front of the hoodie, sly and ominous elephants are painted with grace, each with its unique face expression and intentions. The cat has a tiger tattoo, which is equally nasty and malicious.

The tattoo concept is enhanced with bamboo trunks and laced with gold olive leaves. On the back of the sweatshirt, there is a black cat against a golden moon, as well as a tattoo of a live snake. The cat's rear, like its front, is covered in olive-colored leaves with golden outlines.

The greatest oversized hoodie with a gold and turquoise cat print. What can be worn with this sweater, and what will be paired with it? Any quantity of gold ornamentation is acceptable on a hoodie with gold accents. If you didn't have a cause to wear gold before, you could have one today. Turquoise elephants will allow you to wear blue jeans. The cat is painted in black on the front and back, resembling black pants. Olive leaves provide a cause to pair something olive or green, but we all know that green is extremely scarce in our wardrobe.

In general, the sweatshirt fabric is gray; this color is the most versatile, as it can be worn with clothes of any color. There are so many different patterns on this sweatshirt that you won't know what to wear with it. A sweatshirt can become a cherished item for regular use, but it can also become a source of pride and a choice for special outings to people, parties, and visits. It is important to remember that the sweatshirt is enormous and painted with acrylic paint; these elements indicate that this sweatshirt is difficult to wear and will remain in your closet indefinitely, even with heavy use. Because some of the paints used have a metallic sheen, this is the most fashionable combination if you have a gold-colored handbag or shiny shoes. However, a simple black handbag with a gold clasp may suffice here. And there are other similar choices for what and how you mix this sweater; it all relies on your creativity.

The most stylish graphic sweatshirt. Painting on fabric with acrylic paints is visually distinct from all other methods of factory decorative coloring of clothing. Also, acrylic paints are indestructible.

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Customer Reviews

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Green sweatshirt

A hoodie for people with green eyes, without a doubt. This is the first time I've seen such great emphasis on the hue olive, and I never thought olive could be so noble, perhaps because it's also highlighted in gold.

There is something to look at

Really nice sweatshirt, something to think about for a long time. I frequently visit outlets, and I will only come to look at clothes if I am captivated to a drawing. Monochromatic sweatshirts or T-shirts are gray and unappealing, unnoticeable, and indistinguishable from one another (but I see that the sweatshirt is gray even here)

Christina С.
Too much

Why such a vibrant pattern on a basic sweatshirt? The sweatshirt's purpose is to keep you warm. What a waste of time. There is beauty in simplicity and minimalism. This is something I would never buy for myself. I never buy clothes, even if they have a brand label, because there is no benefit. Just a waste of money. It is not clear what is painted over the cat's head. Three stars for puzzles...