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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve T-shirt two cats

Women's short sleeve T-shirt two cats

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Short-sleeved T-shirt for women in size XS. T-shirt length is 60 cm, and the waist width is 46 cm. White T-shirt, hand painted with acrylics, with a trendy and adorable cat drawing. Paints with a pearlescent appearance were used, resulting in a wonderful dance of hues depending on the lighting. T-shirt for summer made of high-quality cotton. A white T-shirt is an essential piece of clothing for hot weather or summer in general.

This is a very fashionable and lovely summer T-shirt. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. The t-shirt is too small. You must examine the T-specifications shirt's to see whether it is appropriate for you. Sleeveless tshirt for slender women and teen girls.

Rare white T-shirt with short sleeves. The great majority of our clothing is black. Despite the fact that nothing is more lovely than a white t-shirt, the print on such a t-shirt frequently loses its visual power to the black fabric of clothes on which any pattern looks incredibly stunning. However, white t-shirts will be available in our store!

T-shirt with cats on the very short sleeves. Summer T-shirt in white says nothing about it. The T-shirt is handcrafted, and one of the cats is golden, while the other is dark gray with a mother-of-pearl tinge. The T-shirt implies that you can and should wear gold or silver jewelry underneath it. The stripes on the cat are bronze. Any white clothing, including a white bottom, will be worn underneath this T-shirt. However, we will not be as strict. If you have a golden handbag, this is also a good option. Cats are made in a naive style, as if they came from an antique etching; similar work can be found in Korean or Oriental folk art. If you want something suitable for a hot summer and the most of the vibrant t-shirts are black, this is an excellent alternative. Many people believe that wearing a black T-shirt in the summer will be too hot. This creation was made in order to not change your mind. Nonetheless, this t-shirt will go with any color jacket. Most likely, the T-shirt will be stored in case of a social gathering, a visit, or another important event. This T-shirt, on the other hand, can be worn on a daily basis. If you have a cat, I'm curious how he'll react to you wearing this T-shirt. However, such enchantments will undoubtedly pique people's interest.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. Ladies' beautiful quirky tee. The product is quite different from conventional factory printed T-shirts. The pattern is timeless, does not fade in the sun, and does not wear out after several washing.

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silly cats on a tee

Such adorable little cats on a T-shirt are a little too blunt, especially for such a small creature. If you like silly cats, this light summer t-shirt is for you, especially since this business doesn't have many white t-shirts. It's no secret that any pattern appears better on a black T-shirt for the sake of style and showiness.

Excellent value for handmade

Lovely t-shirt, but it appears to be quite plain. But I think I'd buy this one.