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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt Ram skull with flowers

Women's short sleeve t-shirt Ram skull with flowers

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The T-shirt is hand-painted. Size M. 60 mm in length, 45 mm in breadth at the waist. Black tee with a skull motif, horns, and flowers. The shirt is a one-of-a-kind design and is produced in a single copy; there will never be another like it. Acrylic paints with the addition of a contour paint of a comparable color. Adorable juniors or adolescent short sleeve tees. Women's fashion t-shirts. Summer T-shirt with short sleeves.

Gold and silver paint, red roses, and olive leaves work well together. Ram is an interesting animal. Horns that are crooked.

What could be more gorgeous than a golden ram with roses? The back of the T-shirt also has flowers drawn on it. The t-shirt is composed of eco-friendly cotton that is soft, dense, and comfortable to wear. The pattern is evident, not the poor print that everyone else is wearing.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. Graphic for women's casual Short Sleeve T Shirts. Women's Crewneck Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

One of the best T-shirts you can buy for the money. The handmade pattern design is highlighted by gold, silver, and red colors. It won't be difficult to locate something that goes with this T-shirt. The most simple black purse with a gold clasp is appropriate here. Any black bottom will suffice, particularly black jeans. Red is an uncommon hue in a person's outfit. However, the T-shirt is for women, and red can be worn with red nails. The ram appears to be aggressive and brutal. Painted in vivid colors, these pearly colors will reflect till the last feeble ray of light, while the complete black T-shirt will merge with darkness in the twilight. Although these colors are not fluorescent, an interesting effect of a ram's head walking down the street in the dark can be created. Depending on its nature, the pattern will reflect light, but the most lovely warm reflection is around sunset. The pattern will not be seen in complete darkness.

The gold and silver colors are delicately mixed in the pattern on the T-shirt, implying that you can wear jewelry that incorporates both gold and silver hues. In general, a T-shirt forgives any bust with jewelry, and if you didn't have an excuse to wear them before, now you might. The T-design shirt's is quite fashionable, with very effective patterns; even the back of the T-shirt deserves to be noticed. Furthermore, the tag is made in the general style. The T-tailoring shirt's is fashionable and fitting; it fits easily under any jacket and is an outfit for going out. A T-shirt can be worn to any party, for any event, or to a visit, and everyone will talk about it the entire evening.

If you're weary of seeing cats on T-shirts, this design will undoubtedly add some diversity to your collection. You can't claim it's a rock or punk style, and I didn't try to produce a biker t-shirt. However, because the t-shirt is simply beautiful, it can appeal to both fans of alternative clothing and fans of traditional fashion. A 100% cotton T-shirt that, while being black, will keep you cool in the summer, assuming you don't think black is generally inappropriate to wear in the summer. But, as we all know, any pattern on black looks far more spectacular than any pattern on white; the same is true for T-shirts.

The image is stunning, it is timeless, it does not suffer from washing or other impacts, and it does not require particular maintenance.

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Customer Reviews

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Teresa N
T-shirt with this design is only for men but not for women

Everyone has heard the idiom "stubborn as a ram." That is correct. This animal represents determination, tenacity, and the ability to "swim" against the current. Such a T-shirt can only be manly because the ram represents the masculine principle. Wearing this T-shirt by a girl may have a bad impact on the opposite sex's attitude toward her, however this is my personal view. Several ancient tribes equated the ram with fertility, war victory, and power. As a result, such a T-shirt is ideal for a confident man but not for a woman. For females, flowers, and kittens! The ram is frequently associated with negative meanings. The skull is a symbol of the underworld. Those who are truly interested in dark and otherworldly energies are more likely to place such an image. Yet, this is not always the case. The ram's skull also represents boldness and curiosity, as well as the urge to learn something new and unexpected.

T-shirt does its job

A really intriguing style of T-shirt, because, as far as I can tell, this is not a print, but a handmade piece, so we may talk about it. Huge photographs allow you to have a better look at the T-shirt, and there is also a video. Its advantage is that it uses only pure colors and does not mix them. I've seen something similar happen when a realistic visual representation is generated to the point where it appears to be a printed photo rather than a hand-drawn one. But here is a unique pure style that adheres to all of the genre's rules, because clothing is not a blank canvas. The main purpose of the T-shirt is to wow the audience. Indeed, this is exactly how clothing functions in the Western world.

Lamb T-shirt

If you are an Aries, this amazing t-shirt is perfect for you. There are many phrases in the t-shirt description, but not one regarding the most obvious fact: this is a t-shirt for an Aries girl!