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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt pink pig

Women's short sleeve t-shirt pink pig

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T-shirt painted by hand using acrylics. Size XS. Length 59 cm, waist width 40 cm. More size options are shown in the images. Lady's beautiful, unique tee.

It's cotton, as usual, and this time it's a pretty fun design. The density of the T-shirt is above average. Adorable juniors and teen girls Short Sleeve T-shirt. T-shirt with no sleeves. Women's attire at its finest. T-shirt with a punk vibe. Adorable Summer Short Sleeve T-shirt. Round neck top in fashion. T-shirt that is both funny and cool.

A cheerful pattern with iridescent pink paint that covers a huge part of the T-shirt. The pig's decor continues on the back. Others will be asking you questions or making jokes about the drawing. You should always be prepared with replies. A cheerful pig with a three-day unshaven, holding a camomile in his hand, probably wants to present it to someone, is sketched. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

The colors are permanent, do not fade in the light, and do not wash off. Even from a long distance, it is easy to differentiate from other inexpensive factory overlay processes.

The T-shirt is small in size and might fit a slender girl or a teenager. I'll mention the fantastic design that elevates this t-shirt to the top of the heap.

This is the best pig t-shirt. Hand painted pattern is amusing, and the design is intelligent and attractive. But, of course, the main attraction is the mother-of-pearl pink color that fans of this pink color are looking for in the sale. If you are, I don't think much more needs to be said about how this fantastic t-shirt can be combined. But, nonetheless. Of course, you have everything pink in your closet. A pink manicure would look great here. In addition to pink, the T-shirt contains red and white embellishments in the form of spiral patterns. As can be seen, the T-shirt is embellished not only on the front but also on the back. As can be seen, the T-shirt is embellished not only on the front but also on the back. Naturally, any black bottom will complement the T-shirt; plain black jeans will look great.

The t-shirt fits snugly and may be worn under any garment. You'll most likely wear this T-shirt on special occasions, such as a party or a visit. Despite the fact that it is black, the T-shirt is constructed of 100% cotton and will keep you cool in the summer. Because we know that manufacturers of factory-printed T-shirts make their T-shirts with a silly look when the design is very small compared to the T-shirt, the hand work on the design allowed us to make it proportional to the entire area of the T-shirt. Hand painting allows you to scale the drawing to cover the entire area of the T-shirt; no extra equipment is needed other than paints and brushes. Pink paint with a shiny sheen was used to create the drawing. The pig pattern will still be visible at sunset or in low light, however the black T-shirt will have faded into the darkness. These are not fluorescent paints, but it may appear that a pig is walking instead of you. Probably a humorous moment.

A charming pig drawing will not leave anyone indifferent. Many ladies, by the way, regard pigs as equally endearing as cats. Furthermore, our pig is cheerful and has a flower.

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Customer Reviews

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A very unusual pig

Just a really cute t-shirt with a pig on it. I never imagined I'd tolerate the premise that you could wear a t-shirt with an image of a pig on it, even if the pig is lovely, but this thing transforms my entire concept of design. The tag is even drawn in the form of a T-shirt. Furthermore, the pig on the T-shirt is not only cute, but also amusing, which is a very unusual occurrence; I have never seen funny pigs.

Cute pig t-shirt

A very lovely t-shirt with a pig on it. I believe that is a male pig. It's not hard to guess, given the pig's three-day unshaven. On a date, the pig came to you to present you a flower.

When you transform into a pig

I wish to see this girl who will accept to wear this pig T-shirt. I'd just wear a cat.