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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt oversize Devil and ashes

Women's short sleeve t-shirt oversize Devil and ashes

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One size women's large T-shirt: One size. The length from the neckline to the sleeve is 47 cm, the length is 73 cm, and the width at the waist is 64 cm. The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is fairly dense. Lady's beautiful, unique tee. Women graphic casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Plus Size Crewneck T-Shirt in Fashion.

Acrylic-painted t-shirt on fabric. The degree of detail is moderate. Still, the picture's design is of the finest caliber. A magnificent image will not leave anyone uninterested; it is one-of-a-kind and distinctive. The predominant color is mother-of-pearl black pearl, which looks stunning on the T-white shirt's fabric. The horns are black with gold accents. Mother-of-pearl turquoise hands. Gold, black, and turquoise are prevalent colors in the eyes. The devil's shoulders, elbows, and knees make amusing faces. T-shirts go behind the back of chicken legs. T-shirt fabric of the highest quality. The t-shirt is stunning and has the nicest design.

Summery short sleeve oversize t-shirt. The T-shirt has a fantastic appearance. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirts for women that are oversized. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Crew neck, relaxed fit.

On a white oversized t-shirt, a gray pearl devil. The hands and feet are turquoise and have faces on them. You can gaze at this T-shirt for a long time and find something fresh and intriguing, but instead of a thousand words, it is better to look at enormous detailed photographs and movies. It could be the best hand-drawn T-shirt ever. The tee will be worn with a white or gray bottom. Consider how lovely it will look with white jeans. If gray is the dominant accent, turquoise and gold are the T-highlights. shirt's There are several ways to enhance your appearance. Because the devil smiles from the gold T-shirt, you can wear gold jewelry with it. Even damn gold is adorable. Black horns adorned with gold wrap around the neck, hinting that the T-shirt will look good in both white and black. When wearing turquoise, blue jeans are recommended. In terms of fashion, the devil has a black manicure. The most plain black handbag with a gold clasp is ideal for this occasion. The big T-shirt in white indicates that this is a summer option.

I'll let you in on a little secret: the T-shirt features a Slavic devil, which may differ slightly from the European or American devil. Your thoughts about the devil may differ depending on where you are from. The Slavs have a devil like that. The difference may be the lack of red in the style, which is a good thing because the devil with gold and blue limbs is more easier to pair with other garments, as our wardrobe is more likely to contain blue jeans than red ones.

Demons have long been portrayed in various types of art. Demons were painted horrifyingly, with a nasty, terrifying aspect, so that people were quickly instilled with the idea: here it is, filth. Religious preachers were all for it. Above all, the church adored images of the defeated, perplexed, and overthrown by the powerful light of faith. Today, devils can even be glorified; on your screens, there is a stylish and unusual devil, even cute. However, no one has ever portrayed the devil as precious and luxurious. This is something new and luxurious. Yes, if the devil is only chic and luxurious, because we don't need a regular one for nothing. You probably don't know what the devil looks like, but let this T-shirt represent your interpretation of the devil. If you reside in a country where Halloween is a prominent festival, this t-shirt is the ideal carnival costume for the event. The difference between traditional Halloween costumes and this T-shirt is that the T-shirt can be worn on any other day, whereas I have never seen Halloween costumes worn on any other day.

Because of the mother-of-pearl paints, the color of the artwork changes slightly depending on the amount of illumination and the time of day. Acrylic paints do not require particular maintenance, do not wash off, and do not fade. These are not to be confused with clothing with a low-cost factory print.

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Customer Reviews

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The best t-shirt I've ever seen

This internet store has a lot of remarkable items, but I think this T-shirt is the most intriguing. Beautiful design, distinctive pattern; I've never seen anything like it on a T-shirt before. Furthermore, it is clear that the figure is quite large. Very sleek and lovely. There aren't enough words to convey everything!

Fantastic t-shirt

Funny monster on a t-shirt. A stunning blend of turquoise and gold. It's generally fantastic to show the shoulders, elbows, and knees in this manner! I saw a lot of stuff, but that's all there is to it!

Beautifully terrifying t-shirt

This is the most adorable Chort I've ever seen. People will be scared if you wear it on any other day than Halloween.