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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt moose skull with flowering horns

Women's short sleeve t-shirt moose skull with flowering horns

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Women's black T-shirt with short sleeves with a skull, horns, and leaves motif. This hand-painted acrylic T-shirt comes in one size, XS. Product length is 61 cm, and the waist width is 41 cm. More comprehensive parameters are presented in the photo, which is ideal for a slim female. Summer's greatest Punk T-shirt. T-shirt with a fantastic design. T-shirt with a fashionable round neck. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The T-shirt design, on the other hand, is for courageous girls. This t-shirt has a creepy feel to it and would be a fantastic accent to your Halloween costume. Beautiful party attire that may also be worn on a daily basis to surprise others around you. This t-shirt is intended for a female or adolescent. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

A one-of-a-kind pattern with several little features. On the back, I drew leaves on both sides.

The antlers of an elk have always reminded me of tree branches that have lost their leaves in November. It's late fall outdoors as I write these lines, and the leaves on the trees are changing from green to orange. The T-shirt is autumnal in hue and has the fall beauty of life's withering.

Moose teeth with cavities, the roughness of the bones, and the antlers are painted with orc skin yellow paint. Gold contour paint is used to outline the leaves.

The image of a painted animal with incredible horns will be remembered for a long time because it is quite rare to come across something like this.

Acrylic paints are permanently eaten into the cloth because they include resin, which is fused into the fabric fibers during heat setting. The drawing is not washed off, does not peel, does not fade in the sun, and requires no special care. Even from a distance, it is evident that this is a hand-painted piece rather than a factory print. Acrylic paints, in my opinion, are the most vibrant and gorgeous.The sight of a painted beast with amazing horns is captivating.

The finest moose T-shirt. The T-main shirt's highlight is a silver skull with yellow ocher and olive color accents. The T-shirt goes well with items of apparel that, first and foremost, have a silver tint. The bottom will be both dark and light in color. Black jeans will look fantastic here. Because the t-shirt is fitted, it will look great under a jacket. If you have a light brown handbag, strap, or shoes, consider yourself lucky. The olive color of the leaves gradually fades into orange and yellow, but keep in mind that green is a rare color in our wardrobe and it is not necessary to rely on the fact that it can be mixed. It's difficult to identify whether this T-shirt is ethnic or rock punk, but it's definitely a hunter's style. I'm not sure what you're looking for, but it's evident that luck is always on your side when it comes to hunting.

The t-shirt is part of a set with cow skulls and flowers. This model, however, is more lifelike and savage than the others. Perhaps the fact that the teeth are drawn in such detail here is the case. We also notice horns shaped like tree branches sprouted with leaves. Large images and video show all of the subtleties of the T-shirt pattern in greater detail. The head of an elk, or whatever animal it is, is covered with silver paint, which actively reflects any incoming ray of light. The T-reflection shirt's changes depending on the type of lighting. The T-shirt looks fascinating at dusk, at sunset with no illumination, when only the skull is visible, and the rest of the drawing is not visible, because it is painted with ordinary matte acrylic paint on fabric, and the T-shirt itself is black. Passers-by will see simply the skull from a distance, but when they get closer, they will notice various elements of the drawing.

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Customer Reviews

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Laura R
Autumn T-shirt

This T-shirt is lovely, as are the majority of the things in this web store. But this is my favorite top. Perhaps because it is not as brilliant and vibrant as the others. Yet, the T-shirt does not appear to be modest. Maybe I'm prejudiced against flashy hues. I despise gold and glitter. Its calm and pleasant color palette appeals to me more. Falling leaves appear to be relaxing. In general, the t-shirt is so autumnal that I never thought I'd be seen wearing it out!

T-shirt for those who understand art

A lovely t-shirt, I envy the designer's ingenuity for coming up with the idea of flowering tree branches with autumn leaves falling all over the surface of this t-shirt. The golden veined foliage and even the tag are drawn in the same technique.

Moose with broken teeth

I really like this t-shirt! It quickly draws attention to the fact that the horns are coupled with teeth).