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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve T-shirt golden tigers

Women's short sleeve T-shirt golden tigers

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Women's black short-sleeved T-shirt "Golden Tigers" with hand-painted hand-drawn design in size XS, sleeve length 16 cm, waist width 49 cm, T-shirt length 69 cm. It's just a classy black T-shirt with a record label on it.

This is the greatest option if you want to get a t-shirt with a lovely pattern. T-shirt produced by hand with acrylic paints of a mother and baby tiger. The green foliage of the trees contrasts with the color of the eyes. The pattern of tiger stripes continues on the back.

This is a trendy and unique summer T-shirt in black with a big gold handmade pattern. You will be looked up to and envied. The T-shirt is small in size and would make an excellent present for a teenage girl. Yet I believe grownup women will want something like this. If you were previously afraid to wear gold jewelry, this t-shirt will make them look appropriate.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. A lovely T-shirt will win the race for the best attire among your pals, will enchant ladies and pleasure men, and will undoubtedly catch the eye of youngsters.

This is the greatest handcrafted golden tiger t-shirt available. Again, this is an excellent choice for those who own both gold and silver jewelry, as motifs on the back are drawn in a combination of gold and silver. If you're wondering what to wear underneath this fantastic T-shirt, here's your solution. The bottom here is black, excellent black pants, gold signifies something dark beige or even brown, and the tree is shown in honestly brown, as seen on the T-shirt. You're probably ignoring the olive color of the leaves because green is an uncommon color in our clothes. The T-shirt is quite dressy and is meant to be worn on special occasions; for a party, the T-shirt is ideal beneath a jacket because it is quite fitting. In detailed photos and videos, all of the T-nuances shirt's are visible. The drawing is incredibly charming and appears to have been made expressly for the enjoyment of the female audience. I notice that the picture's design is unsophisticated, antique, and refers to the theme of ancient Korean folk art. The topic is ethnic, but because it's painted on a modern T-shirt with modern technology, or rather, with modern acrylic paints on cloth, it's not a cheap print. A gold purse is great for a T-shirt; if you don't have one, stick to the standard black with a gold clasp; every fashionista should have one. Search for other golden-colored items and accessories in your closet.

Golden tigers look stunning on black fabric, and they play with light reflections depending on the intensity of the lighting and the time of day. Fabric composed of high-density, environmentally friendly cotton. A work of art that cannot be mistaken for a standard factory-printed T-shirt. The T-shirt does not require special maintenance, and the colors do not fade with time.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful T-shirt

According to what I understand, this T-shirt is part of a very limited collection of T-shirts, and each T-shirt is unique and created in a single variant and size. This was my favorite among the black tiger t-shirts in my collection. There are other t-shirts here, too, both cute and not so cute, but I prefer it when something is drawn on a t-shirt that I can understand without being tortured by riddles! I was really impressed by the hand-made tag on the T-shirt! By the way, I have a lot of gold jewelry, but I don't wear it since I'm too bashful. Every time I try to put them on, I stop at the front door and take them off, since I'm not sure whether the people around me will wonder why I put on this gold, seeing no reason for it other than to gloat, but with this T-shirt, maybe there will be at least some that have an excuse other than boasting. And, once again, this T-shirt is as pricey as the gold jewelry!

Wonderful gift for mother's day

It just so happens that I was looking for a gift in the shape of a themed T-shirt and couldn't find anything acceptable. But I discovered this T-shirt late, and time has passed. But I know where to search now.

Extremely unusual

I believe it was a child's artwork or a design of some kind. There's probably something here. But I'm still not sure what kind of T-shirt this is; it's just different from everything else I've seen. Emotions might get misplaced. T-shirt with an interesting design.