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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt golden cow skull

Women's short sleeve t-shirt golden cow skull

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Distinctive design on an XS T-shirt, length 60 cm, waist width 42 cm. As is customary, more parameters can be found in the images. Contour details on a golden skull, purple blossoms, and vivid green leaves. Women's black short sleeve T-shirt with a skull, horns, and flowers motif.

Summer's greatest Punk T-shirt. T-shirt with a V-neck. Adorable junior short sleeve tees. Ladies' Short Sleeve Casual Shirts. The pattern is adaptable, and the T-shirt can be worn for any occasion on the weekend.

T-shirt with an attractive design that will impress everyone. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt for women that is stylish. A lovely color combo on a black t-shirt. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

Nothing is more attractive artistically than a pattern on a T-shirt of a gold cow skull with horns and flowers. The ascension of design and creative drive. The design appears to be quite expensive and pretentious, and the T-shirt is the most outstanding example from my series of artiodactyl skulls in this regard.

The most beautiful designer T-shirt with a prominent gold theme. To begin with, it is simple to grasp that a T-shirt forgives you for any number of gold jewelry, and the more of these items you have, the better. This moment suggests that the T-shirt is intended for a particular occasion; you can walk out in it and look at others, but the key thing is to present yourself, and there will be something to show you. This is the distinction between casual and formal attire. Although this T-shirt is made of 100% cotton, and weekend wear is typically made of finer fabrics such as silk, soft-touch cotton will be your ally in a dressy role in this case. A T-shirt with a gold skull plainly implies that something gold from edge to edge will fit here, not just a black handbag with a gold clasp, but simply a golden handbag, which can also touch shoes or other goods. This T-shirt is part of the cow skull line, however this model is particularly exquisite and wealthy. Such is the super-rich fashion. The cow skull appears more harsh than refined, yet this does not detract from the T-attractiveness. shirt's If you have a delicate and elegant appearance, this T-shirt will provide an unusual contrast that others will notice. The t-shirt has a relatively snug fit, making it great for wearing beneath a jacket.

Of course, the bottom can be any color, but black pants or jeans would look fantastic. The lilac wreath on the skull's head suggests that any shade of purple can be used. You've definitely noticed this moment if you have purple in your wardrobe or simply enjoy it. Take note of how the horn and flower motif extends around the v-collar of the T-shirt. Only the golden skull of a cow will be visible in the semi-darkness, evening, at sunset, or simply in poor lighting, while the black T-shirt will be completely absorbed in the twilight. One can only imagine how amazing such a fantastical impact will be. It is also worth noting that gold paint reflects light differently depending on the nature of the surrounding light. This T-shirt appears differently depending on the lighting.

High-quality ecological cotton fabric that is thick and pleasant to the touch.

Drawing at a distance should not be confused with low-cost factory imprinting procedures. It doesn't need special care, won't wash out in the washing machine, won't peel off, and won't fade.

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Customer Reviews

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A piece of splendor

Great T-shirt. The best t-shirt. What else to add? Honestly, I have never seen anything more beautiful among T-shirts.

This t-shirt was obviously not saved

I like this t-shirt as well; it's quite stylish. The major point is that the entire front side of the T-shirt is covered in graphics. I dislike it when they cut corners on visuals and, indeed, on everything attractive.

Very pompous t-shirt

Curly T-shirt in a really rich purple color with gold trim. I'm curious to see how this T-shirt looks on a human rather than a hanger. No praises, but it's a pretty dressy T-shirt, albeit not inexpensive. Indeed, gold on black appears to be quite favorable.

The T-shirt is simply unseen magnificence.

I'm curious how much fantasy is required to make something like this. I've seen a lot of t-shirt designers try to produce something big and gorgeous, but it ultimately comes down to a plethora of colors and intricate patterns. But, in the case of this T-shirt, I don't see as many patterns and colors, but the T-shirt itself is extremely touching. Such things have a disadvantage, and that is the cost. If someone could figure out how to create excellent, inexpensive t-shirts?