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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve T-shirt funny tigers with birds

Women's short sleeve T-shirt funny tigers with birds

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S-size women's black short-sleeve T-shirt, sleeve length 18 cm, T-shirt length 71 cm, waist width 51 cm. T-shirt made of high-density, eco-friendly cotton.

The T-shirt has a distinctive design and is available in a single size. On a black t-shirt, the golden tiger looks best. The beast's green eyes blend seamlessly with the vegetation on the tree. I'd like to highlight the amusing little tigers; they won't be seen from afar, but for people who want to examine the nuances of the t-shirt design, the tigers will bring a lot of joy. The pattern area is quite large, encompassing the full front surface of the T-shirt. Gold paint brilliantly reflects light and seems lovely even in low-light conditions.

The pattern style is replicated on the back of the T-shirt, and the birds are represented on a little larger scale.

Sleeveless tshirt for slender women and teen girls. Because the T-shirt is small in size, you should look at the product photo for more information. The T-shirt, on the other hand, is straight. This T-key shirt's selling point is its elegance and beauty. This T-shirt is ideal for wearing with gold jewelry or bijouterie. It's difficult to imagine anything more gorgeous than black and gold clothing.

Furthermore, it is a work of art, entirely man-made and unrepeatable.

This is the nicest black women's T-shirt with a hilarious tiger pattern made by hand. The t-shirt forgives you too much with gold jewelry; if you were looking for a cause to wear gold and couldn't find one, this t-shirt will change everything. Unlike the other T-shirts in this series, which had olive and gold colors, this one features silver instead of olive. This reduces the urgent need to hunt for something green to quietly match your wardrobe while also revealing a wide range of white or light-colored outfits, as there are many silver features on the T-shirt, including the silver birds on the back. Again, the T-shirt looks great with a black handbag that has a gold or silver clasp. There is a lot of brown on the T-shirt, which makes it impossible to keep it in your closet for your brown items. The bottom may be black or white. But this is all just logical reasoning. Nobody says you can't wear this self-contained T-shirt under anything. Furthermore, the audience will be preoccupied with looking at funny tigers rather than evaluating how you combine them. The drawing's theme is classical antique. It's unusual for an ancient classic to be both sweet and hilarious. The birds on the back of the T-shirt are a separate motif; if someone sees you from the back, they will believe that this is the major décor of the T-shirt, but imagine their surprise when the front side of the T-shirt speaks for itself.

Without a doubt, this T-shirt is a work of art that is far more valuable than your average fading printed T-shirt. Please keep in mind that washing, sunshine, and mechanical stress have no effect on acrylic paints.

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Interesting t-shirt

This is the most amusing T-shirt I've ever seen! Extremely excellent, innovative, and elegant little design. If I had more money, I would buy similar outfits all the time, but I am pleased with regular and inexpensive ones. Still, I'd like to express my admiration for you. Everything in this store is quite intriguing and deserving of attention; it's a shame it's a touch pricey, but everything is nice and lovely as a result.

Charming tiger cubs

The t-shirt is adorable. Maybe I'm trying to win your heart and convince you to buy. Even the tag is designed in the form of a T-shirt. It looks like a child is drawing, yet the designer of this T-shirt is far from a child. There are a lot of lovely things here, but my favorite is this T-shirt.