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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt fanged tiger

Women's short sleeve t-shirt fanged tiger

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Size M women's black short-sleeve T-shirt, sleeve length 19 cm, T-shirt length 73 cm, waist width 54 cm. Top with tiger stripes. T-shirt made of high-density, eco-friendly cotton. Luxurious elegant black women's T-shirt with a hilarious golden tiger motif.

This chic black and gold T-shirt is a work of art in and of itself. Furthermore, the T-shirt is a versatile addition to your wardrobe because it can be worn with practically any type of clothes. Nothing is more beautiful or elegant than a black t-shirt with a gold design. It is suitable for both Women Casual Short Sleeve top and weekend wear, as well as a party.

Hand-painted image in Korean style. Art has a delightful charm. A one-of-a-kind design in a single version. The best T-shirt money can buy is one that is painted on both sides. On the back, a continuation of the motif of tiger skin stripes. Acrylic paints with a pearlescent effect were utilized, allowing for a completely stunning result of the picture's reflection depending on the degree of illumination or the time of day. After dusk, a T-shirt might appear extremely chic. On black fabric, bright acrylic paints appear best.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The painting does not lose its properties while the T-shirt is being worn, it is not scared of washing or sunshine, it is not sensitive to mechanical wear, and it does not require special maintenance.

Very distinguishable from standard factory-printed T-shirts.

This is the best handmade black angry tiger pattern women's t-shirt. The T-shirt allows you to wear a limitless quantity of gold jewelry with it. And any shape or size. The tiger is golden, as are the patterns on its back. If you were previously embarrassed to wear jewelry for no apparent reason, the purchase of this T-shirt may provide such a reason. The T-shirt can be paired with a golden or black purse with a golden clasp, and I believe every fashionista owns such a handbag. Technically speaking, the bottom can be black, brown, or plain black jeans.

Although the T-shirt is black, it is made of 100% cotton and has short sleeves, allowing it to be worn in warm weather during the summer. T-shirt with a green, or rather olive, accent. This color is uncommon in our clothing, but if you can find something to highlight it, it will bring you good fortune. Large photographs and videos show a detailed drawing of a t-shirt, as well as the t-shirt itself. I believe that the gold highlights, particularly the green color, will keep you awake until you grasp the possibility of blending colors with other outfits, current or future. T-shirt design is in a traditional naive style, which you may call ancient or antique, but in a modern reading.

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Customer Reviews

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Best black tee

T-shirt with a funny tiger face and gorgeous green in addition to the valuable green. The backs of the T-shirts have highly interesting patterns, albeit they do not appear to be tiger patterns.

T-shirt detail shots

The photographs show every thread of this T-fabric. shirt's Normally, websites hide what clothes appear like when approached, but this time it's the other way around. Before purchasing, you can inspect each thread to see how the T-shirt appears. Clothes may appear ideal from a distance, but upon closer scrutiny, everything is not so great. But they reveal everything here without being embarrassed by minor features that are especially appealing to the Internet shopper who cannot pick up a T-shirt in person. This also relates to the drawing's composition. By the way, the animal is both evil and amusing.

T-shirt not what I wanted

I was browsing for a T-shirt for the summer on the internet and inadvertently came on this site; of course, I was looking for the lowest option, as I have no extra money right now. But I discovered a new brand for me with pricey clothes. This T-shirt is rather pricey, but to my great regret, it is also quite cute and appealing to purchase. This was an additional letdown for me. Perhaps the situation will change in the near future, and I will be able to purchase this T-shirt or any other on this site. Meanwhile, I'll go look for cheap t-shirts. Thank you for giving me something to compare with, although I doubt I'll be as satisfied with inexpensive t-shirts as I was previously, based on my memories of what I saw here.