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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt dog and mistress

Women's short sleeve t-shirt dog and mistress

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Avant-garde art on a T-shirt in only M size, length 59 cm, waist width 51 cm. Fabric with acrylic paints. The fabric itself is really dense. Lady's beautiful, unique tee.

We've heard the words "dear and angry," which describes the situation. In the drawing, you can find your meaning, a philosophical interpretation of who serves whom, a dog to a man or a man to a dog. Perhaps you have a puppy that resembles the front side of this T-shirt, or perhaps you resemble a blue-haired female. On the back, a pink flamingo and a butterfly are painted.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. Indeed, they said, this isn't a dog at all, but rather a wolf or some kind of monster. The girl is also good. Despite this, the drawing is noteworthy. Guys will quickly realize that arguing with you is a thankless task. Friends will be both jealous and respectful of you. Children will be ecstatic as well. It's doubtful they saw something similar in clothing.

Adorable Sleeveless T-Shirt for the Summer. The finest punk tee. Although this is a punk style, the t-shirt will appeal to any woman with artistic tastes. This t-shirt is a piece of art in some ways, which should be considered when evaluating this product. T-shirt with the most creative design.

This T-shirt has a loose fit but is a size small, making it perfect for a teenage girl. T-shirt with a fashionable round neck. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

Please keep in mind that the blue manicure goes perfectly with this outfit. In addition, any mother-of-pearl jewelry will match. The tee is only meant to be worn with blue classic jeans. Walking a small puppy will make everyone around you realize how difficult it is for you. I'm curious how dogs in general will react to this T-shirt, and if they will recognize their related in this wolf. The design on the back of the T-shirt is simply adorable.

The T-shirt is punk-inspired, but yet whimsical. However, I had no intention of designing a punk T-shirt. It ended out to be a pretty intriguing work with colors that you can mix and match with this t-shirt. At least on the front of the T-shirt, we notice blue, brown, and silver. As a result, blue jeans are ideal here, and mother-of-pearl pearls are plainly painted on the girl from the T-shirt, implying that you should match your look with just such an adornment. Genuine leather shoes, belts, and handbags are brown. Golden hair not only allows you to buy this T-shirt for a blonde, but it also suggests the possibility of wearing gold jewelry. Blue nail polish! Don't pass up this chance. You'll be indistinguishable from the heroine of your own T-shirt with blue nails.

The back is a solid pink that can be iridescent or matte. Things are going well with pink in the women's wardrobe. I've already stated that you can have blue nails; I'm not saying that after purchasing this T-shirt, you still need to purchase a brown dog or a pink flamingo, but you suddenly have a brown dog. T-shirt is colorful and ambiguous. Passers-by will undoubtedly smile.

T-shirts of superior quality, including the fabric's ecological high-density cotton. The fact that this is created using acrylic fabric paints is obvious from a distance; it is not a cheap factory print of any technical process. Another work of art fit for a museum or your closet.

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Customer Reviews

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This t-shirt is the most interesting in this online store

I examined all of the products in this site and concluded that this T-shirt is the most fascinating and gorgeous! Colors galore and great designs!

Joanna С
Crazy T-shirt

I'll admit, I wasn't surprised to see such a T-shirt. I had no idea they were doing something so insane and hazardous! Bizarre T-shirt, and the front and back sides are not attached at all. What about a punk-style drawing and such a pink idyll on the back with a flamingo and a butterfly? This does not make sense to me. Even the colors don't match, in front of this frightening dog that resembles a brown bear and behind a pink flamingo. Other items of apparel at this store, by the way, do not make such errors. Three stars for the inconsistencies and five stars for the T-overall shirt's coolness. The overall rating is four stars.

Weirdest T-shirt I've ever seen.

The strangest T-shirt I've ever seen. The most joyful drawing, the most pleasing design. The T-shirt was designed specifically for the summer season. Just fireworks in a range of paint colors. This T-shirt is a tad pricey for me, which is unfortunate. However I was unable to post a review.

Very powerful t-shirt

A wonderful drawing. The girl looks quite similar to me, but the dog is not mine. In fact, I have a cat. I'm looking for a gal with a cat. The inside of the ear is empty, as if the head were a cup with a handle.