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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cunning tiger

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cunning tiger

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Women's XS short sleeve T-shirt in white with a unique design. T-shirt length is 64 cm, waist width is 42 cm, and sleeves are 16 cm long. Handcrafted, acrylic-painted on fabric, attractive design in Korean folk art style. White luxury fancy distinctive women's T-shirt with a hilarious tiger motif. The great summer gift for your loved one, as the comparatively lightweight cloth is ideal for hot weather. The tiger has a cunning grin and is made of gold. Paintings' reflections can fluctuate depending on the amount of light and the time of day.

A white t-shirt is ideal for wearing in the summer or even in hot weather. Any female wants to look elegant in the summer. This T-shirt will assist you in resolving this issue. The T-shirt was designed in the Edo period Korean folk art style.

Because the t-shirt is white and made of cotton, it is a very trendy and gorgeous summer t-shirt. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. The T-shirt can go with practically every outfit in your closet. The T-primary shirt's colors are gold and olive. By the way, golden hues are frequently featured in our selection, allowing you to wear your gold jewelry; the same can be said for silver colors. People sometimes wear gold jewelry to contrast their attire, however in this case, the contrast is a harmony. The t-shirt is too small. You must examine the T-specifications shirt's to see whether it is appropriate for you.

The best T-shirt ever, featuring a cunning tiger. When a T-shirt is hand-painted yet white, it is an unusual occurrence. Many people do not understand how black clothes may be worn in the summer, especially if they live in very hot places; however, these people are from the United States or Europe, and such regions are not in Africa. However, there is no unambiguous consensus on this issue. If you're not a fan of black t-shirts in the summer, here's a white t-shirt for you. The pattern was neatly marked under the v-neck of the collar, however the back of the T-shirt was left unpainted. The T-shirt theme is the most popular, which is an adorable cat, or rather a cute tiger. What more does a pleasant summer require? Furthermore, the T-shirt is budget-friendly, meaning it is reasonably priced. The photo and video show a detailed drawing of a T-shirt in all of its features. Because the tiger is golden, a handbag in gold or any color, but with a golden clasp, is appropriate here. The dense foliage of the tree's olive color implies the option of pairing with any wardrobe item, olive or green, although we all know that green is a rarity. However, the T-shirt is so adorable that no one will seriously consider it. However, the T-shirt is so adorable that no one will seriously consider how to pair it with other items of clothing.

Because cotton T-shirts are very expensive to produce, I always want to say a few words about the environmental issue. It turns out that just one T-shirt requires up to 2750 L of water to produce. Cotton needs to be watered for 200 days, which consumes a lot of water. Because of such large amounts of moisture, the soil becomes saline and less fruitful.

When we toss away virtually new clothes because they are too cheap, we are weary of them, and we want to acquire something new for the sake of enjoyment and mood improvement, we are suffering from overconsumption.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. Acrylic paints do not require particular care and are not affected by cleaning agents' mechanical or chemical effects. Distinctly distinct from the typical factory print. Furthermore, this is just a single work of art that you always have with you and may brag about to others.

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T-shirt with views

The pattern design is bizarre but endearing. If you live in a park with coniferous trees of the Pine family, your desire for this T-shirt will most likely expand significantly. I've been to several coniferous parks, but it wasn't until I saw this T-shirt that I understood I had to stroll there in it. The only requirement is that the tiger remain painted and not real!

Couldn't get past

Childish t-shirt design inventiveness. If you don't have children, you might not comprehend this t-shirt. My five-year-old son draws something similar. Nonetheless, despite the T-misleading shirt's appearance, it is very evident that this product is extremely professional.