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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt crown

Women's short sleeve t-shirt crown

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T-shirt in size S, acrylic on canvas. Product dimensions are 56 cm long by 49 cm wide. A silver skull crowned with a golden crown. The back side features a silver mask with the words "Dr Death." There are many details drawn, and it looks fantastic. Organic cotton fabric with a high density.

Summer's greatest Punk T-shirt. This T-shirt has a loose fit but is a size small, making it perfect for a teenage girl. This is a pretty gorgeous suit, and not just because of the crown on the T-shirt. The t-shirt has a really realistic design. T-shirt with a fashionable round neck. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt for women that is stylish. On a black t-shirt, a lovely blend of red and gold. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

The crown turned out fantastically well. Everything worked out perfectly. And a consistent color, as well as diamonds, iridescent light reflection, rubies, and sapphires. Apple and cross, red cloth and gold metal. You may argue that the human skull does not resemble a person at all, but rather a prehistoric person or a monster. Probably I frequently dramatize images. The king is not required to be gracious.

On the back is a plague mask or a death mask with a long nose. Although the artwork is excellent, I did not use multi-colored paints because death is not a happy subject. That is obvious even in the images here.

The front design of the T-shirt is outstanding. "Doctor Death" is also a crowd pleaser. Images should not be mistaken with any industrial way of applying to fabric.

Metallic paints having a pearlescent effect are silver and gold. In low light, the drawing appears to be on fire, and it looks especially stylish on this black T-shirt. Colors play one melody in daylight, but at twilight, they play an entirely different melody. Colors are fascinating to see how the pattern changes depending on the lighting or time of day.

T-shirt with "Crown" and "Dr Death" hand-drawn patterns.

The primary colors are gold, silver, and crimson. If you're wondering what to pair this T-shirt with, you have a lot of options. While a black bottom is appropriate here, you shouldn't rule out the possibility of wearing it with white. The presence of red in the wardrobes of both men and women is extremely rare; you should never rely on this color. However, gold is easily combined because every woman owns at least one black handbag with a gold clasp. The design of a silver skull with a golden crown on the front of the T-shirt, in a sense, reveals who owns this T-shirt. What else is there to say?

This is without a doubt the best t-shirt for women, and the Queen is its owner, respectively. Nothing more, nothing less.

Valuable stones are meticulously drawn on the golden crown, granting the queen the legal right to wear gold jewelry. Even if you go crazy with the embellishments, no one will condemn you while wearing this T-shirt. Let me remind you that the acrylic paints with a metallic sheen, which are the gold and silver colors on this t-shirt, actively reflect light. T-shirt appears mysteriously at dusk or sunset. The pattern's reflection or glow on the T-shirt is determined by the type of light shining on it. In this scenario, there will be a humorous effect of a walking skull with a crown, since at a more or less dark time of day, you will not be visible with a T-shirt, but a silver skull with a golden crown will be visible, which you can also say about the "Doctor Death" mask on the back of the T-shirt. In general, the T-shirt will delight you and those around you both during the day and at night. The T-shirt provides an infinite canvas for experimenting with garment color combinations. The T-shirt can be worn on a regular basis as well as for Halloween or themed gatherings.

A couple more notes concerning acrylic paint longevity. They do not require particular maintenance and are not sensitive to any external impacts, such as washing or mechanical stress or fading in the sun.

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Customer Reviews

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T-shirt sparkles without diamonds

The T-shirt is stunning; I've never seen anything like it, and there are no rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, or other glitters on it. Because of the colors and the designer's talent, the T-shirt sparkles. I don't like glitter, but I adore it when garments sparkle with beauty, and this T-shirt is just that. If the pattern on the front of the T-shirt is very brilliant, death is painted on the back and the design is not as bright. There are two sides to every coin in life. Not everything in life is bright; the sun sets and the moon rises.

Charles' Crown

This T-crown shirt's is extremely similar, however it's not purple and lacks the white fluffy fabric on the base rim. It does, however, sparkle with lighting in the same way.

Crown on the chest

I'm still not sure which crown Charles will wear on May 6, but this crown on a T-shirt appears to be the most lovely. At the very least, this crown resembles the British Empire's crown. If I had discovered this t-shirt sooner, I would have purchased it.