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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull with a sunflower

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull with a sunflower

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Women's black short sleeve T-shirt with a skull, horns, and flowers motif. One-of-a-kind art, turquoise skull, and magnificent sunflower with a blossom on the back. T-shirt. Size M, waist width 46 cm, length 65 cm, more specific information about the T-shirt size characteristics can be found in the photos. Acrylic paints were used on 100% cotton cloth. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

This is my favorite paint, and the drawings are really stunning in aquamarine and blue metallic. It looks great with the bronze antlers and yellow sunflower. The flowers on the cow's head are modest, but as the detailed images show, they are also beautiful, worked out using contour paints.

Adorable Summer Short Sleeve T-shirt. T-shirt with a V-neck and short sleeves. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The sunflower is a showy flower, yet writing about it takes a long time. As a result, the opposite side of football is totally dedicated to this labor intensity. The back is so well painted that it could be the primary role, however despite having such a lovely turquoise skull, it is only the second violin in the ensemble.

The t-shirt is quite attractive and well-designed. T-shirt with no sleeves. Women's attire at its finest. T-shirt with a punk vibe. A charming and unique piece of art. In stark contrast to everyone else's cheap factory-printed T-shirts. An elitist item in which you can afford to look down on other individuals who don't care what they wear.

Golden horns flawlessly wrap around the V-collar of the T-shirt. The cow skull is crafted of turquoise mother-of-pearl, which is pretty uncommon. We find fascinating color combinations such as yellow, blue, bronze, and olive. With such a diverse color palette, you'll have plenty of options for pairing this T-shirt with other items in your collection. On the reverse, a beautiful sunflower is painted.

The T-shirt will look great with both black and blue jeans. Bronze horns allow you to use gold jewelry; pair a T-shirt with a black purse with a gold clasp; every fashionista needs such a bag. We will not touch an olive or greenish color in our clothes because it is really rare.

Except if you have green eyes. However, if you have brown eyes, please look at the core of a sunflower.

The T-shirt will appeal to admirers of the alternative style as well as a diverse variety of purchasers. On the one hand, a T-shirt with a cow skull may indicate a rock or punk style, while the combination of a skull and such a flower may indicate ethnic attire or at least an ethnic vibe.

The distinctive color combination of turquoise, golden, olive, and yellow sets this T-shirt out from other items of clothing. Even though all of our items are hand-painted, there are some that are even more out of the ordinary.

Colorful and distinctive painting with acrylic paints, which have the highest endurance of any drawing medium.

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Sunflowers and bones

This appears to be a very remarkable t-shirt with flowers and bones, and it is my personal favorite. On the one hand, the topic of bones and flowers is fairly banal, as it is frequently employed by designers, for example. This will not surprise anyone, and you can find numerous similar things on the Internet. But, there are several sympathetic nuances that will make you fall in love with yourself. This is a color and nobility combo. The cow's skull is magnificent in and of itself, but the flower, well, a sunflower, is almost van Gogh-esque with its dried sunflowers...

T-shirt with sunflowers for Mother's Day

My favorite flower is the sunflower. This T-shirt featuring my favorite flower was a revelation to me. The sunflower is lovely, however it gets lost against the turquoise skull background. As far as I can tell, the sunflower on the back of the T-shirt is quite nice, as far as the fabric itself, rather than the paper, provides it.

This t-shirt is simply the best!

The sunflower is an effective T-shirt theme, but the main concept here is a strange blue skull with golden horns. This T-shirt strikes me as strange. I enjoy looking at beautiful stuff in general, and especially at unique t-shirts. It is rare to find something great and worth paying attention to, but this is a rare occurrence. I had a lot of fun looking at this brand. Nothing out of the usual was discovered.