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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull in paradise

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull in paradise

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Acrylics were used to paint a t-shirt. T-shirt in XS, length 62 cm, width 42 cm. Black t-shirt with a skull motif, horns, and flowers.

The most successful design features a large-scale and, most importantly, really gorgeous drawing. In many ways, the price of clothes is decided by the beauty of the clothes themselves, regardless of whether they are women's or men's clothes. When the T-shirt is breathtakingly lovely.

This is a very fashionable and lovely summer T-shirt. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. This item is regarded as one of the greatest in our online store. It's all due of the one-of-a-kind and extremely successful design. The t-shirt is too small.

You must examine the T-specifications shirt's to see whether it is appropriate for you. The T-shirt is stunning in its design, and it will make many people envious of you. Short sleeve tee for slender women and teen girls. T-shirt for women with good taste.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt with a rounded neck and short sleeves. Consider this a punk t-shirt, but its elegance and flair will pique the interest of a broader audience. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. This is the most beautiful example of women's attire that will make you envious.

The blooms are yellow, the leaves are olive, and the contour paintings are bronze and yellow. This is the most stunning t-shirt in the collection.

This is the most gorgeous t-shirt in the series of skulls with horns, slightly more beautiful than the others and somewhat more expensive, despite the fact that the back was left intact.

The area of the sketch on this T-shirt is unusually huge in comparison to the rest of the cloth. After the dye has been heat-set, it is always less stiff, almost as soft and silky as the finest cotton used to make the T-shirt. Hand painting with acrylics on cloth is indistinguishable from anything else, including the cheap factory print that you see on everyone you encounter when you leave the house in the summer.

The best sinister T-shirt with a silver and bronze preponderance. The existence of these colors provides numerous opportunities for clothing combinations. Furthermore, the T-shirt is quite form-fitting, allowing you to wear it under any jacket. A silver or gold purse will look great here, but any black handbag with a gold clasp will look elegant, and every fashionista owns one. Take note to the richness of yellow and olive color. The bottom color is not limited to white or black. Naturally, this t-shirt looks great with black jeans. The bronze tone will allow you to wear gold jewelry without feeling guilty; in this case, it is more of a requirement. The profusion of olive hue suggests a pairing with something greenish, but this greenish color is extremely rare even in a woman's wardrobe, so paying attention to this color will suffice if you have green eyes. However, you should not strictly follow my advice because the T-shirt itself is perceived as stylish, and everyone around you will be absorbed in admiration, leaving no time to assess what the T-shirt is combined with. Fans of alternative, punk, rock, and biker styles may be drawn in by the aggressive design. But because the t-shirt is so lovely, it's not surprising that it was designed for a broad female audience. If you're weary of seeing cats on T-shirts, you'll love this design.

Acrylic paints were used, which have a long lifespan due to their physical properties. Furthermore, they have the most spectacular appearance, which may be compared to adorning with various precious or semi-precious stones in some ways.

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Customer Reviews

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t-shirt in style

This is the most fashionable t-shirt I've ever seen; I can't take my eyes off it because it's so good, despite the fact that it has a cross on it. The t-shirt design is breathtaking. Of course, I had seen something similar before, but never had the design reached such heights of beauty. This online store has a lot of unusual things, but this T-shirt stood out to me as the most gorgeous. I confess that there is nothing even remotely similar in my wardrobe; I adore T-shirts with patterns, and I can even claim I collect them, but my entire collection is far from this T-shirt! Now I see how many designers simply lack a sense of style. Say what you will about my singing needlessly laudatory odes to this brand, but that's how it is. Everything about this place is stylish and fashionable!

Madelynn F
The t-shirt is excellent, but there is one flaw.

Its beauty is breathtaking. T-shirt with an inverted cross on the front. The first thing that draws your attention is, of course, the cross. The secret to the T-attractiveness shirt's is in the color contrast; not only are the design intricacies contrasting with one other, but it's all on black cloth. I also noted that the t-shirt tag is drawn in the same style as the t-shirt. The pattern is incredibly eye-catching and covers the full front side of the T-shirt. The price of this t-shirt, however, is a disadvantage. I wanted to give it five stars, but I couldn't.

The best t-shirt ever!

The T-shirt is cool, however the pricing is a touch steep. As far as I can tell, everything here is painted by hand and in a single variant, thus the pricing is probably reasonable. It's difficult to think of another word to describe the T-shirt. I probably wouldn't wear it, but I think it will look great on a lot of people.

Katherine С.
Beautiful T-shirt

One of the most beautiful T-shirts I have ever seen in my life!