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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull from hell

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cow skull from hell

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Wild beautiful acrylic painting on an S-size T-shirt. 65 cm in length, 45 cm in width at the waist. Roses in gold and crimson. The rear is very stunning. Black tee with a skull motif, horns, and flowers.

Summer's greatest Punk T-shirt. This T-shirt, however, is not only appropriate for fans of casual or non-traditional style. The key is that the T-shirt is quite stylish. T-shirt with a V-neck. Adorable juniors or adolescent short sleeve tees. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. This t-shirt can be used for a variety of events and under most of your clothing.

T-shirt with an attractive design that will impress everyone. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. T-shirt for women that is stylish. The skull and flower motif is popular. A lovely color combo on a black t-shirt. Sleeveless t-shirt that is both beautiful and unusual. Women's attire at its finest. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. This T-shirt is the best in the world of women's clothes; it will most likely crowd out many other outfits in your wardrobe, but you will not throw it away.

A high quality of design without extraneous elements. Aesthetics blended with quality materials, acrylic paint on premium grade fabric, gold cow skull with roses. A one-of-a-kind example of inventiveness in a single copy. The sketch is simple but elegant. So, what am I saying? This T-shirt will not be called in polite language.

The T-shirt simply rushes towards others, if not knocking them down, then refusing to let you take your gaze away from it.

Drawing a bull or a similar monster is thought to be a masculine style, but now we find a feminine version of such a vicious bull. It is adorable and innocuous, yet with personality.

A vibrant handcrafted t-shirt, the mix of gold and red on the t-black shirt's fabric is unrivaled. The deep V-shaped collar fits neatly between the skull's horns, filling the T-shirt. Red and gold go together well. It's worth noting the presence of green in the form of leaves with golden contours once more. The back of the t-shirt has crossed red flowers, and it looks just as good as the front. So if you don't want to hide what's written on the back, this t-shirt serves as an outerwear. The T-shirt can be successfully paired with gold accents, such as a gold or black purse with gold clasps. Red is a rare hue in our clothes, but it is not uncommon as the main color on women's nails. An all-gold t-shirt makes up for any gold jewelry excess.

The T-shirt is intended to be worn with your brightest items, which you did not dare to pair with other garments. The T-shirt may appear to have a biker or even punk look. However, because the T-shirt is bright and very elegant, it will appeal to both traditional clothing customers and bold fans of an alternative style. Today, any clothing is placed on a mass production conveyor for obvious reasons: it allows you to reduce the cost of clothing, making it affordable for everyone. However, in this case, the clothes lose their soul and individuality. Even punk clothing is now mass-produced, making it nearly hard to locate something distinctive. However, there are exceptions to the rule. One of the exceptions to the rule is there in front of you. This T-shirt can be seen in detail in images and video.

The T-shirt contributes in a tiny way to preserving the earth's ecology and delaying climate change. You may wonder how. It is well known that the creation of a single T-shirt consumes up to 2750 liters of water, and pesticides are frequently utilized, causing irreversible soil degradation. In this sense, many people toss away nearly new T-shirts or clothes in general in favor of new goods that they wish to acquire, but there is no place in the closet to put all of these products. Unlike factory printed T-shirts, the one in front of you is extremely durable. Acrylic paint is extremely long-lasting on textiles. Furthermore, there is a greater likelihood that the owner of this T-shirt will not raise his hand to throw it out of his closet in relatively new condition for the sake of the desire to buy something else, no matter how expensive or cheap.

A quick inspection reveals significant differences between factory-made products and those printed automatically. Acrylic paints have a far longer service life than even the best materials. A museum piece for your closet, a source of envy and appreciation.

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Customer Reviews

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The odd character of the T-shirt print

The T-shirt piqued my interest since I didn't instantly comprehend how it was produced, having never seen anything like it before. How are you able to print like this? How are the colors so vibrant? Later I noticed additional works on the website. It turns out that they are such extraordinary fabric paints, on a completely different level, albeit it's a shame that the prices of such items vary slightly. Yet it's most likely natural.

Gold t-shirt with roses

Tons of lovely gold and crimson roses. Even the smallest intricacies of the T-shirt design may be seen if you look attentively.

Gold t-shirt, gold price

The T-shirt appears to be a luxury item, and not just because it is gold. A really sympathetic golden skull with red flowers, particularly on the back. I read the previous evaluation, and it appears to me that coloring with paints on fabric produces a distinct appearance from anything else I've seen. A printed T-shirt will not provide such an attractive appearance. Even the leaves are pierced with gold on the T-shirt. I realized the tag was drawn. However I only gave it four stars because the price is important as well.