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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cockroaches

Women's short sleeve t-shirt cockroaches

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Custom t-shirt in S size only. T-shirt hand painted with acrylic paints in a unique design, drawing on both sides. Art deco design. T-shirt with a V-neck. Adorable Summer Short Sleeve T-shirt. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. There could be paint microparticles on the fabric. 100% cotton, high density fabric. Lady's beautiful, unique tee.

Waist width 45 cm, length 62 cm. Additional parameters are included in the images.

Adorable juniors or adolescent short sleeve t-shirt. Women's fashion t-shirt. The wonderful pleasure of simplicity, in a unique design. I solely used gold paint. I can't think of a better color combination than faint designs on a completely black background.

What's better than a gold design on a black T-shirt? The main advantage of this t-shirt is the simplicity of the design; the bugs are drawn schematically, adding an extra touch of style. Everything clever is simple. The front of the T-shirt has a huge bug with a mustache that fits well into the curved V -collar. There are either twigs or spikelets of wheat on the shoulders, and one tiny beetle and beautiful designs on the back. All in the same style and color. The most important aspect is that this color is golden. This T-shirt epitomizes style and elegance.

Despite the fact that the T-shirt has a fairly simple pattern in comparison to the rest of the store, the benefit is a kind of elegant minimalism. An wealth of comprehensive images and even video allows you to enjoy the T-shirt for what it is and from all angles. Because modesty, as they say, adorns a person no less than gold, the T-shirt design's minimalism will appeal to those who do not like or are embarrassed by clothes with a massive multifaceted pattern. Nonetheless, they are greeted by clothing, as they also state. This T-shirt is the most humble, but also the most attractive.

This t-shirt is a true luxury item, while being the least expensive in our t-shirt collection. Graphic for women's casual Short Sleeve T Shirt.

The T-shirt appears to be specifically meant to be worn with as much gold jewelry as possible. With its golden decorations, the t-shirt justifies busting. A black handbag with a gold clasp is perfect for a T-shirt, and I believe every lady owns one. The T-shirt asks you to keep the look clean by wearing it with any bottom, as long as it is black. If you can locate them on sale, black trousers and black or gold shoes are appropriate. However, you cannot ignore my firm advice; you will undoubtedly do so. The T-shirt is ethnic in style, and the intriguing patterns add mystery.

This is a reasonably priced T-shirt with a one-of-a-kind handmade pattern, and because it is a piece of art in some way, it will last longer. We frequently discard nearly new items after only a few wears and replace them with new ones. By doing so, we deplete natural resources and contribute to global climate change. This t-shirt is more durable than conventional t-shirts. We often toss away garments not because they are worn out, but because we have become weary of them and new versions have become available. This is not a responsible approach to the earth's resources. The benefit of haute couture is that consumers will not waste away such a precious item, but will instead rent it to antique boutiques. Of course, this pertains to evening gowns, not everyday T-shirts, but I believe this parallel is appropriate in this case.

The fabric of the t-shirt is quite dense, made of superior ecological cotton, soft to the touch, and pleasant, distinguishing it from the vast majority of t-shirts available on the Internet. Acrylic paints are applied to everlasting materials with an artist's brush.

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Customer Reviews

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Mysterious black t-shirt

I want to say two things about this T-shirt at the same time. The first thing that comes to mind is how fashionable and luxurious this T-shirt is, especially considering it is handmade. The second thing that struck me was how the description of this t-shirt mentions how horrible it is to buy t-shirts because they are made of cotton, the cultivation of which has a highly detrimental impact on our planet's ecosystem and also causes climate change! Yet, you know, these phrases appear to be the polar opposite of the T-hand. shirt's After all, this t-shirt is not cheap, and its owners are likely to value it and will not discard it in favor of a new t-shirt. As a result, such terms in the T-shirt description do not appear to contradict the desire to sell this T-shirt. In any event, I'm amazed that cotton T-shirt makers are perplexed by environmental issues, even if in such a cunning way!

cockroach t-shirt

Cockroaches and enigmatic patterns. An example of design elegance and simplicity.

T-shirt in gold that is modest

This t-shirt appears plain in comparison to the others, but when examined alone, it is truly stunning. Even the background enhances the attractiveness of the T-shirt.