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Alex Kokhan

Women's short sleeve t-shirt angry dogs

Women's short sleeve t-shirt angry dogs

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Stunning t-shirt with hand-painted acrylic paints. T-shirt in size S only. 56 cm in length, 49 cm in width at the waist. Lady's beautiful, unique tee. Summer top with short sleeves. T-shirt with a punk vibe. T-shirt with a fashionable round neck. The finest T-shirt is small enough to fit a slim girl or a teenager.

Two dogs, one of which is most likely a girl and the other a boy; I'm confident you guessed who is who in the picture. I simply drew a picture on the front of the T-shirt, but now that I look closely, it appears to me that there is a husband and wife in the picture). The wife yells at her husband, who only growls in disgust. Here's a picture of the whole family. The dog female has punk hair, while the boy only has ears on top of his head. The boy is turquoise-pearl, and the female is pink-pearl.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The drawing on the back is very charming and does not overpower the front. That looks like a dachshund with wings and human teeth to me. A bird hovers extremely low above the dachshund, unaware that the dachshund  has wings and can easily scratch this bird (I couldn't see a dog grabbing a bird with its human mouth). All of the dogs and birds are manufactured in the same manner. Gorgeous and one-of-a-kind T-shirt with no sleeves. Women's attire at its finest.

The T-shirt is soft and pleasant to the touch, and most importantly, it is very thick, which can substantially extend the service life and allow it to be worn not just in the summer.

Painting using acrylic paint, no matter how technologically advanced, cannot be confused with other sorts of industrial sketching on fabric. Any cutting-edge technological equipment for drawing a pattern on fabric cannot compete in terms of quality and visual impact with hand-painting with acrylic paints on fabric with the most basic brushes. It's like comparing a famous picture in a museum to its poster, which was printed on a printer-plotter. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Graphic on a women's casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

Because the pattern on the T-shirt is so vivid, it can be seen from a kilometer away. Despite my best efforts to photograph the goods appropriately. The colors shimmer with light and change hue depending on the lighting, acrylic paints take on a lovely color in the twilight, and this T-shirt takes on an entirely unusual, so warm, one may say magical glow in the evening.

The greatest women's hand-painted t-shirt. Beautiful dogs, but they're all various hues. The T-shirt is available in two stunning colors: turquoise and pink. Both colors are pearlescent and metallic in appearance. You have a lot of options for color combinations here. A silver dog and a golden bird are painted on the back, but you're more likely to be interested in one of the hues on the front; yet, blue and pink may be available in your wardrobe. Every lady has blue or turquoise pants, but pink is a little more tricky. Generally speaking, whoever seeks will always find. But everything you're reading right now isn't required. No one will notice how you combine this t-shirt with other items because it is so bright and lovely. It's difficult to take your gaze away from the T-shirt.

You could even say that this T-shirt is punk, despite the fact that the drawing is completely harmless and bears no protest. Curiously, punk-inspired garments, which were originally handcrafted costumes, are now mass-produced and marketed in record stores and tiny boutiques specializing in 1980s-inspired clothing. In other words, finding a handmade punk t-shirt nowadays is nearly difficult. Make your own punk t-shirt if you want to seem authentic. The works in our shop will appeal to individuals who enjoy mixing styles; in this case, it is difficult to identify any style with a T-shirt with dogs; you can only guess and catch notes of similarity with any particular style.

A one-of-a-kind author's drawing, the only T-shirt in the world, a perpetual drawing with paints that do not wash off and do not change in any way with time. A museum piece for your closet.

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inventive t-shirt

Almost every T-shirt in this store astonished me, although same could be true for all of the outfits. This is the first time I've seen such work. I had no idea garments could be so poetic and imaginative! Well, it was imaginative, because I didn't believe a single individual could invent everything. Because I have two dogs, I focused my attention on this T-shirt. I don't have the imagination to express a lot of compliments, so I'll just repeat it again: I'm really impressed.

Flaming dogs on a t-shirt

The t-shirt appears to be really brilliant; I've never seen similar colors on t-shirts before. This is not of this world. This is so out of the ordinary that I can't believe my eyes. The t-shirt is a tad pricey, but I've seen far simpler things for much less money. For myself, I know that we choose a summer T-shirt based on the desire to locate the brightest and most intriguing. This T-shirt, I believe, is.

Crazy dogs t-shirt

I couldn't help but write a few words. This is the first time I've seen such clothing on the internet. Everything here forces you to study for an extended period of time. The dogs on the tee are insane.