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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt tattoo cat

Women's long sleeve t-shirt tattoo cat

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S-sized long-sleeve T-shirts. Sleeve length is 56 cm, T-shirt length is 58 cm, and the waist width is 50 cm. Beautiful acrylic artwork. Japanese tattoos in a trendy design.

The picture's design will not disappoint attractive ladies or anyone else who sees you in this creation. A very adorable motif is accented by cat tattoo-style patterns. Natural fabric, high-quality tailoring from a well-known company, and an eminent hand-drawn artwork. The attention of men and children is guaranteed, as is the jealousy of girlfriends.

Call it a lightweight sweater or a hefty long sleeve t-shirt, but the basic line is that it's a beautiful and amusing Japanese-inspired pattern with predominantly silver paint, which has the advantage of a different sheen depending on the nature of the light hitting the surface of the t-shirt. This T-shirt, like many other things in our online store, has been upgraded. For example, the T-shirt was embellished with patterns and flowers to match the drawings on the cats. A limited palette of paint colors employed creates its own unique appeal in the form of a high-style t-shirt. The design is not the last violin in the ensemble of the t-shirt.

Of course, the primary goal of this T-shirt is to surprise, create a mood, and perform all of the other functions inherent in attractive clothing. A one-of-a-kind work of art. A T-shirt can successfully highlight any red-colored wardrobe item, such as shoes or a handbag. Yet, because the colors black and silver dominate, we can deduce that you won't have to think too hard about what and why to wear this T-shirt.

Unlike a cheap print, the sweatshirt does not require particular maintenance. Acrylic fabric paints contain resin, which, when thermally fixed, adheres to the cloth itself indefinitely.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. With the naked eye, you can tell that this is not a typical factory print on a sweatshirt that you'd see on the streets of your city. Painting using acrylic paints is more difficult to discern from conventional printing than genuine gold from gilding. Well, this is genuine gold, however I did not use gold paints.

The silver tone is the focal point of this black long sleeve t-shirt. A T-shirt looks great with silver jeans or pants, but where can you find them? Then only white ones will do, but the bottom can, of course, be black. The profusion of silver color excuses you from wearing an abundance of silver jewelry with this t-shirt. The T-thematic shirt's accent is, of course, the Japanese theme of the image. Gorgeous kittens, Japanese style, tattoo theme, and 100% amorous t-shirt. Furthermore, this is a very feminine drawing. I can't claim that a purse will only belong here in silver; anything in red is also appropriate, but in everyday life, we have very few things that are exactly red. I reiterate that the picture was created with mother-of-pearl paints, and thus the design will magically reflect the sun's rays. This T-shirt shines exceptionally brightly at dusk. The hue of the reflection is determined by the nature and warmth of the incoming light. This is the primary benefit of metallic sheen paints.

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Extremely stylish T-shirt

I was quite impressed by a lovely long sleeve t-shirt that I discovered on the Internet! Extremely lovely drawing, cute theme for any woman's heart, kitties! You can fight over which topic is best for a hoodie or T-shirt for a long time, and you can fantasize about flowers, but cats have always been the monarchs and owners of women's interests in painting on clothes! This T-shirt particularly intrigued me because the pattern covers the full surface of the hoodie and is supplemented with a Japanese-style pattern. It's difficult to think of anything more fashionable in terms of design. Once again, this T-shirt is incredibly fashionable. Once again, this T-shirt is incredibly fashionable. Indeed, the cost is not insignificant, but everything is relative; we have seen more expensive items.

Neat t-shirt

It appears to be a fantastic t-shirt, with the sloppy curls of the pattern highlighting the workmanship of the work. Even if the patterns are sloppy, the image of cats is very accurate from the standpoint of fine art.


It's more of a sweatshirt than a T-shirt, but that's beside the point. The description does not specify the fabric's composition, perhaps it is synthetic? The cat pattern is adorable, and the patterns state that it is hand drawn. Describe the fabric composition of this T-shirt.

We welcome you to our website. This T-fabric shirt's is made entirely of 100% cotton. Currently, every T-shirt in our store is made entirely of 100% cotton. Except in circumstances where the proportional composition is clearly specified at the beginning of the product description, this applies to all clothes in general. There are sweatshirts, for example, that include 20% polyester in addition to cotton. However, such instances are clearly marked. Furthermore, in the vast majority of situations, clothing made from so-called ecological cotton of high quality. We may claim that the fabric is really soft to the touch.