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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt rhythmic gymnastics

Women's long sleeve t-shirt rhythmic gymnastics

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M-sized longsleeve t-shirt. Sleeve length is 61 cm, length is 60 cm, and waist width is 48 cm. Acrylic paints were used to create an unusual pattern. Gold on black is a classic monochromatic combination.

The fabric is thin, similar to a long-sleeved t-shirt. For the evening, wear it under a jacket. A gorgeous drawing will not fail to wow. Everyone else does not have and will not have what you have.

Even with the naked eye, you can tell this is a real image on a T-shirt. The unique beauty is that the T-shirt fabric is thin, and the acrylic paint appears to float in weightlessness. Gymnastics ribbon drapes around your neck. The combination of gold and silver on a black T-shirt is very stunning, giving the appearance of a stylish and expensive item. In general, everybody who has devoted their childhood to gymnastics is dedicated.

This T-shirt is a small but extremely cute work of art, however this is entirely subjective. The shirt is self-explanatory. Yet, it is worth noting that, despite the black color of the T-shirt, this is a completely unique, thin fabric that is suitable for a hot summer. The picture's theme will remind folks that you are a sports girl. The ribbon of a gymnastic device wrapped around your neck will have people wondering what's written on the back of your neck. Especially if they are watching you from behind. This t-shirt is one of the most odd in our online store; it is even difficult to assign the t-shirt to one of the various theme design kinds. The photo and video capture all of the T-elegance shirt's in great detail.

The major accent of this really unique golden long sleeve t-shirt is, of course, gold, but the football itself is black, as you can see. This T-shirt immediately forgives you for wearing gold jewelry. A golden handbag, or even a black handbag with a golden clasp, is suitable for this occasion. The white ribbon on the dog's paw suggests that a white belt could be worn. However, everything revolves solely around the subject of gold. Gold, gold, and more gold! T-shirts are more valuable than gold. Furthermore, the best accessory for this t-shirt is an Olympic gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics.

The T-shirt is made in a naive style, with the brightness of the gold color toned down with strokes of matte black paint, creating a richer texture and emphasizing the realism of handmade acrylic paints on fabric, which you will not confuse with the usual print on any T-shirt that people wear on your city's streets.

The paint contains a resin that, when thermally set, is permanently absorbed into the fabric. Washing, friction, and sunlight have little effect on it.

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T-shirt with a dog

Superb t-shirt. I discovered it on this website when looking at other things. Even with all of the diversity here, I have to admit that this is a pretty great T-shirt, not to mention that the T-shirt with a dog is very different from what can be seen on other Internet sites among the monotony of platitudes. The designers' worth resides precisely in their uniqueness, and this T-shirt is the most unique I've ever seen. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, no automation is employed in the creation of T-shirts here. Handmade is not for everyone, especially the mass consumer, as evidenced by the price of a T-shirt. Yet, I have seen a number of so-called premium apparel labels where the price is merely for the brand, for the inscription. I realize that the T-shirt that I really loved had more to offer than just an inscription.

Very funny t-shirt

Standing on its own, this is extremely odd. It's surprising to me that such a sophisticated design can be seen on T-shirts rather than leather or denim jackets. It's great that the T-shirt is getting so much attention.

Daub T-shirt

Such a sporting dog. As seen in the photo, even the tag is hand-drawn. At first, you believe this is a print, but when you look closely, you can see the daub with a brush. Additional carelessness and stains are required, as it is not immediately evident what this individual was painting. Extremely eye-catching t-shirt.