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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt fly

Women's long sleeve t-shirt fly

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S-sized long-sleeved T-shirt. Sleeve length is 56 cm, T-shirt length is 55 cm, and the waist width is 45 cm. The so-called long sleeve is a distinct scary pattern that frightens away worries and all negative things from the wearer of this item.

Despite the product's black hue, the cloth is thin and will keep you cool in the summer. The work was completed in a single copy; no one else has or will ever have anything like it. If you like collecting flies, this is a good purchase.

The thin fabric of this long sleeve t-shirt limits the amount of ornamentation possible. First and foremost, it is impossible to make a continuous layer of paint since it significantly weights down the fabric itself. When there are unpainted sections of the cloth, the best way out of this dilemma is to use a pattern. Of course, the capacity of a T-shirt to sell itself is mostly determined by what is displayed. I frequently depict what other fashion designers think inappropriate or a poor decision. Fly! What could be more unappealing than a long-sleeved black T-shirt with a cut that suggests going out to formal parties or formal office attire? The T-fabric shirt's is thin, the cut is precise, and the pattern is a fly with a skull-shaped head, which is wonderfully human. Designing a pattern is time-consuming, and the wings of a fly should be transparent, with humorous blue paws. All of these subtle handmade embellishments make this T-shirt one-of-a-kind.

This T-shirt belongs to the official style rather than the casual one. This item is suitable for wearing to a party, an official occasion, or simply to work. Unlike many of my other products, this T-shirt has a significant difference and advantage.

Which color sticks out the most when you take a quick look at this long sleeve T-shirt? It is, indeed, blue! The color blue dominates the image, although other hues are visible as well. Maybe you have something extra blue in your closet, like an accessory. A handbag, shoes, but a T-shirt will be paired with a dark bottom, particularly blue jeans. The T-shirt fits wonderfully under the jacket, as previously stated. The white skull of a fly also allows for fantasizing; perhaps such a fantasy is associated with a white watch with a black dial, and so on. The inclusion of a fly motif may imply that the T-shirt can be used as an outfit for the Halloween holiday or for themed events in general.

The existence of a gold pattern on a T-shirt allows you to wear gold jewelry, such as if the jewelry is gold and blue. Doesn't a gold watch with a blue strap really scream for it? Any woman can immediately tell from a photo of clothing in an online store what she can pair it with.

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Customer Reviews

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Weird taste in t-shirts

What type of nightmare is this? What is going through the mind of the individual that comes up with all of this? I'm curious to see who will wear such a T-shirt.

It's just a fly perched on you.

I'm not going to buy it, but the t-shirt has an interesting design.