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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve T-shirt cow skull without ears

Women's long sleeve T-shirt cow skull without ears

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T-shirt with long sleeves in size XS. Sleeve length is 52 cm, T-shirt length is 53 cm, and the waist width is 40 cm. Cotton only. Design that is eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. Long-sleeved black T-shirt for women with a skull, horns, feathers, and flowers motif.

Ladies' Skull Blouse. Why is a cow without ears? It's not ears at all, but feathers. Handmade artwork with acrylic paints on a long sleeve; the fabric is thin, allowing this item to be worn in the summer even if it is festively black.

The hue of the skull motif on this T-shirt may be its greatest selling point. The skull is, after all, mother-of-pearl pink. The T-shirt is part of the skull with horns collection, but in this case, the color chosen is pink, which will take precedence over silver or even gold. This item is actually a long sleeve T-shirt, however it appears to be a blouse from the outside. The essential feature, however, is that it is an item of clothing made of thin fabric. Although having long sleeves, the T-shirt will be an excellent choice throughout the hot summer months. There are minor details of sketching with contour acrylic paints in the design of the hand-made drawing. This model, however, falls under the budget category. The unique design and charm will draw attention to you. In any event, a T-shirt with a hand-drawn pattern cannot be mistaken for a conventional print. The T-shirt is appropriate for any occasion; it is both casual wear and formal attire. If you like the hue noble pink, this is a fantastic option. The T-shirt can be worn with any garments and colors, but it is entirely up to you.

Pink T-shirt with long sleeves and a hand-drawn cow skull motif. If it's pink, it's pink. Of course, our perceptions of pink differ. Maybe you have something pink in your closet that would go well with this T-shirt. To begin with, you may believe that the T-shirt fits properly under the jacket, and that the bottom can be black, but this is not the case.

The T-shirt design itself is ethnic, and combining any ethnic hue with it is likewise a difficult matter. But you can't be tortured by the questions I've asked, so dress anyway you like, with no rules. This hue is appropriate for a handbag, shoes, and even a phone, tablet, or laptop. Despite the fact that this is a sketch of a skull, we can all agree that it is still cute and nice, but how we look depends on our mood. If you're in the mood, you could even wear a flower wreath on your head, which would be the perfect way to complement this T-shirt.

Colors are not washed away or faded. Gorgeous, pricey, elegant, and one-of-a-kind. Like the others, it's a collectible.

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Customer Reviews

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Very beautiful thing, very unusual

Not a blouse, but a miracle in feathers

Lovely flower wreath on the head! But what about the deficiency of ears? In a nutshell, a feather wonder on a blouse!

T-shirt for a wreath with flowers

Pink long sleeve tee for fans of all things pink. Indeed, pink is a very noble color in this situation, and we are unlikely to have a matching pink color in our wardrobe. It appears to be a pink iPhone from the time when this hue was available, as well as the preceding pink iPhone. I have an iPhone. With a floral wreath on the head.