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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cow skull with twigs

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cow skull with twigs

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T-shirt with long sleeves (long sleeves) in size M. Sleeve length is 56 cm, product length is 58 cm, and the waist width is 45 cm. Long-sleeved black T-shirt for women with a skull, horns, leaves, and flowers motif.

Ladies' Skull Blouse. Superb artwork, as always a one-of-a-kind design, with small features worked out in contour acrylic paints. Wonderful drawing. You can argue whether or not it is a work of art, but the essential purpose has been met. The T-shirt makes an impression that will be with you for a long time. Acrylic paints look especially good on a thin fabric, creating the impression that they are suspended in the air on something shaky.

A T-shirt can be worn whenever you need to look more or less official, such as at work or at a business function. Despite its design, this T-shirt adheres to the official look. The majority of my other work is done in such a way that it will not fit in places where a strict style is required. If you exclusively connect with someone on an official level and want to surprise them, this t-shirt  is the perfect solution.

A black long-sleeved women's T-shirt with an intriguing name goes well with a white bottom. Of course, wearing a single hand-painted item may be uncomfortable. After all, the difficulty is how to combine such an artistic endeavor. Probably, something interesting to complement the image is required, but there is nothing like that in the wardrobe. This long-sleeve T-shirt looks a lot like a national attire. The T-shirt has a country feel to it; it is not at all urban. With this T-shirt, I even want to wear a flower wreath on my head. You most likely have such lost items someplace. This T-shirt looks great with a jacket. There's a chance you have a jacket, pants, or skirt with a red floral print in your closet. In general, something distinctive, with patterns and in the national style, is appropriate here.

The main focus of the T-shirt is still a silver cow skull that runs the length of the front. A silver handbag and silver shoes are great; perhaps you can add to this list. The skull is painted with gleaming silver paints, so the T-shirt will actively shimmer with different shades of light when exposed to the sun's rays or another bright light source. If you like silver jewelry, this T-shirt is a perfect reason to wear it. We have numerous models in which the gold hue is dominant, but this time you are looking at a silver model. Many people prefer the silver color.

This t-shirt is composed of lightweight fabric with a hand-drawn pattern. Design features a skull, horns, and a floral motif. The horns of the cow wrap around the collar. The color scheme is soothing. The T-shirt print is detailed to offset the bright colors; in this case, black ink was applied to give it a richer look. This T-shirt demonstrates that even such delicate items of apparel, such as coats, are worthy of hand painting. Let me remind you that in semi-darkness or twilight, silver paint emits a lovely radiance. The pattern on the T-shirt appears differently depending on the lighting.

Even from a distance, it is clear that the item has been painted with anything other than the standard factory print of any form of application. Washing, mechanical wear, or fading have no effect on acrylic paints.

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Customer Reviews

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Slightly expensive T-shirt

This T-shirt has a mysterious and strange quality about it. This is the only thing missing from our photograph. I perceive a lot of style charm; it's a shame this isn't a T-shirt print, so that such beauty is more accessible to the consumer. But the cost is a little sum to pay for such majesty. Sometimes I come across clothing that is quite expensive, but the design does not fit the price. The expensive price is justified by the brand's popularity. I'm not sure why the main pricing for the brand or the manufacturing cost of this T-shirt is here.

Calm t-shirt

I thought the colors on this T-shirt were incredibly relaxing. Some autumnal design. I'm not a big fan of bright colors. I believe that clothing should be both elegant and modest. This T-shirt perfectly fits the bill. I was particularly taken with the wreath on the head of a cow's skull, or whatever you want to call it. It's unique because the horns wrap around the neck on the back; I've never seen this before. This T-shirt is hand-painted, and the description states that it is manufactured in a single copy. According to these factors, the T-price shirt's appears to be reasonable.

Real T-shirt

It is unusual to see a T-shirt design that was not created on a computer using graphics software. Everything is asymmetrical, even the branches and skull bones and horns. As compared to products from other designers and garment manufacturers, the T-shirt appears natural and authentic. The impression that the T-shirt is genuine or something persists.