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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat, stripes angry tiger

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat, stripes angry tiger

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Women's long sleeve T-shirt handpainted with acrylics. Size S. Top with tiger stripes. The T-shirt is 57 cm long, 44 cm wide at the waist, and 69 cm long from the end of the arm to the neckline. Luxurious elegant uncommon white women's T-shirt with a comical pattern of a cat tattooed with a tiger.

T-shirt with long sleeves and an average density. This is the ideal summer outfit. Long sleeves are skillfully painted with tiger stripes, implying that you are not a simple person. A beautiful image is the matte cat with a shiny gold angry tiger face and shiny bronze stripes.

T-shirt with long sleeves; this style of clothing is also known as raglan. The cat is painted with flesh-colored matte acrylic paint, while the tiger is golden and contrasts well against the cat's background. The artwork is stunning, and it's enhanced by bronze tiger stripes on the T-sleeves. shirt's The T-shirt is one-of-a-kind and eye-catching. The T-shirt is most likely meant to be worn out to surprise friends and acquaintances. When applied to cloth, acrylic paints are a little hard to the touch, but with heat treatment with an iron, they become velvety to the touch. Yet, the paint has its own structure and feel. Much has previously been said regarding the durability of acrylic paints to outside influences and the advantages of such a decorating method over others.

This is a long-sleeved t-shirt for women with a hand-drawn Japanese cat. The painting on the T-shirt is predominantly golden ocher and bronze. Clearly, you'll want to match your outfit to this trendy t-shirt. Any beige color will suffice; you most likely have a handbag, shoes, or a leather belt in this color. The bronze tone implies all the extras in gold color, so you may wear gold jewelry and a purse with a gold buckle with confidence. What could be more successful than this particular design subject? The T-shirt depicts the most popular design topic among women, namely the cat, and this cat is not simple, but Japanese, and also has a tiger tattoo. Furthermore, the contrast of matt yellow and brilliant bronze is enthralling. The sleeves of the t-shirt are elegantly adorned with tiger stripes. The design is unique and will be remembered by many people who see you for the first time.

We believe that if they are talking about Japanese style, there must be a red hue involved. But what if you like the oriental style but dislike the color red? I am aware that the color red is uncommon, not just in men's clothing but also in women's clothing. If the red hue is too bold for you, but you want something bright and eye-catching, or rather, something actively pleasing to the eye, this T-shirt is an excellent option. It's difficult to look away from a cat with a growling tiger's face, the pattern is worthy of a very costly leather jacket, but this time such a cat is only on a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Shorts with a light cream sweater without a hood. The T-shirt has a stunning pattern and a stunning color combination. The cat is matte ocher, the tiger is golden, and the T-shirt has bronze stripes on both sides. The T-shirt is both stylish and distinctive. The T-shirt is not interchangeable with the standard factory print. Acrylic paints are not affected by outside factors and do not require particular maintenance.

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Customer Reviews

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Elegant T-shirt

With this pattern and gold-colored swirls on the sleeves, the t-shirt looks fantastic. I initially felt the price was incorrect, but then I read that it was a type of handmade, a drawing like on canvas paper, an image on clothes. Undoubtedly, the T-shirt stands out from anything else I've seen in retail and internet retailers. This tee is simply great! Then I noticed, by the way, that this T-shirt in this online store is not the most expensive, and there are products that are even more expensive. I've never focused on elite apparel companies and assumed that this is just an overpayment for the name, but it appears to me that the overpayment is for the t-shirt itself, which can surpass other t-shirts from other manufacturers. I apologize for only giving four stars.

Frances Т
Cute T-shirt with cats in soothing colors

Beautiful mustache of a cat. The t-shirt design looks fresh.