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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat and fly

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat and fly

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T-shirt with long sleeves in size S. Sleeve length is 57 cm, length is 59 cm, and the waist width is 49 cm. The sweatshirt is hand-painted on the cloth with acrylic paints. Lovely Japanese-style illustration with lots of details.

A fashionable sweatshirt that immediately draws the attention of others, such a thing can and should be displayed, this is a really kind drawing, which is unusual for my work. The image contains irony. Because of the acrylic paint, which is many times more effective than a conventional print using any technology, the pattern is not only distinct from its equivalents on factory-made sweatshirts, but it is also significant, a pattern with meaning and design.

The majority of the painting is done on cloth with white acrylic paint; this color is more difficult to apply than, say, silver paint, but it may be used to draw more textured details.

A design with an amazing sense of style and numerous minor details, the sweatshirt is also covered all over with flowers from the cat tattoo motif. This is an incredible work of art, possibly the nicest item of clothes.

Call it a lightweight sweatshirt or a thick long-sleeved t-shirt, but the bottom line is that the beautiful and entertaining Japanese-inspired pattern will always be in your wardrobe, and you can be sure that the owner will keep this little thing for some special event. A flying fly distracted the cat, and his paw led the tool away from the correct path. The T-shirt design was carried over to the surface; the choice landed on the flowers with which the cat is tattooed; there is no other option. The hand-drawn picture was done in white paint, with gold and crimson accents on the flowers' faces. The T-shirt will not disappoint; this light sweatshirt is a delight for youngsters, the envy of your girlfriends, and a source of admiration for men. There are numerous reasons to make a T-shirt a favorite piece of apparel in your collection, especially since it can be worn in both cool weather in the summer and warm weather in the spring and autumn. In the picture, you can see cigarette butts, an ashtray, a lighter, a pack of cigarettes, and bottles with golden stickers that contained rice vodka.

The cats' faces are meticulously sketched, complete with facial expressions. Mustaches, sideburns, and tattoo designs are all fantastic in this t-shirt.

This raglan sweatshirt looks excellent with a white bottom. Take note of the richness of gold hue in the image. You are excused from wearing gold jewelry; a purse of any color will look lovely, but the key thing is that it has a gold clasp. Small red flowers can be overlooked because red clothes, even in women's wardrobes, are a rare sight. The Japanese-style pattern is quite adorable. And, as you know, the Japanese style allows you to be more daring than our European or American counterparts. This allows you to be more daring with this T-shirt and ignore combinations that appear to be unsuccessful at first glance. A t-shirt will appeal to both a teen girl and a mature woman. After all, cute things have no age limits. This T-main shirt's theme is Japanese tattoos or tattoos in general. If you've always desired a tattoo but haven't dared to take such a drastic step, you may start small with an inked T-shirt.

Longsleeve is one-of-a-kind and only available in this size. Acrylic paint does not wash away, does not age, does not fade, and does not require special care.

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Magnolia С
trustworthy t shirt

Funny sweatshirt or tee. It's cute that there's an ashtray containing cigarette butts. The cat resembles a Japanese man with sideburns in the 1970s fashion.


Long-sleeved comedy T-shirt. T-shirt with a humorous pricing.