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Alex Kokhan

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat and angry tiger

Women's long sleeve t-shirt cat and angry tiger

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Women's long sleeve T-shirt handpainted with acrylics. XS size. The T-shirt is 57 cm long, 42 cm wide at the waist, and 64 cm long from the end of the arm to the neckline. The T-shirt has a stunning pattern and a stunning color combination. The T-shirt is not interchangeable with the standard factory print. Acrylic paints are not affected by outside factors and do not require particular maintenance.

Hand-drawn cat and angry tiger face on a white T-shirt. This is a fantastic time to replenish your summer t-shirt collection. T-shirt with long sleeves; it will not be hot during the day and will not be cold in the cool evening.

The handmade pattern on this raglan, which is really stunning, will brighten your day and cheer up not only you, but also everyone around you. Gold, pink, and bronze are all pearly sheen colors that reflect depending on the brightness of the ambient light. The muzzles of a cat and a tiger are meticulously drawn. The t-shirt speaks for itself, especially because high-resolution photographs and videos are included. Identifying and naming an article of clothing might be difficult at times. On the one hand, it's just a long-sleeved T-shirt; on the other, it's definitely raglan; and finally, it's a light sweatshirt.

The T-shirt was updated several times during the design process; there was a desire to continue adorning the full surface of the raglan, but the front side turned out to be so brilliant that there were concerns about making the back and sleeves equally bright. Also, additional efforts increase the final cost of the product. And I wanted the buyer to be able to afford this T-shirt in some way.

Consider yourself fortunate if you have a white or milky-cream bottom. This t-shirt features a lot of gold and red hue. Mix these hues. You are more likely to have a golden handbag and less likely to have a red handbag. In any event, there's probably no need to worry about what to wear with this t-shirt because the pattern is so brilliant that you won't have time to think about how well you match the colors of your clothes. There is also a bronze and pink color in the picture, so the options for the bottom and accessories are fairly extensive.

The drawing's topic is Japanese, and what could be better than cats? The T-shirt theme is particularly popular among females. And, in general, if you chose this T-shirt, you have great taste and probably don't need my advice.

A light sweater that is cream in color rather than white. There is no hood. The cat is matte ocher in color, but the stripes are gold. The tiger's drawing is done in bronze paint. In its elegance, this color combination makes an outstanding design. It is worthwhile to consider the lovely crimson blossoms. Nonetheless, this long-sleeved T-shirt is short.

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Customer Reviews

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Simply the best t-shirt

Very bright t-shirt for the summer with a combination of my favorite colors, red and gold. Cats are incomparable.

Great t-shirt for summer

A fantastic t-shirt with vibrant saturated colors, I was particularly taken by the red flowers or something resembling red flowers against the background of a golden cat with a trendy tiger tattoo. In terms of T-shirt design, I've never seen anything cuter. The fact that this T-shirt is white suggests that it can be worn throughout the summer. The fabric of the T-shirt is 100% cotton, and I can visibly see the difference between pure cotton and synthetics. Even the t-shirt tag is designed in the image's manner. I understand that this is a sketch done using special paints rather than a print. I understand that this is a sketch done using special paints rather than a print. Yes, I was perplexed at first as to why the artwork is so brilliant, vivid, and prominent. Then I read it and realized there's an entirely new way to conclude. It's a shame that this approach of designing a graphic results in a large increase in the price of this particular T-shirt!

Beautiful colors.

My God, what a beautiful design on a T-shirt! And it's one of the cheapest t-shirts out there.