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Alex Kokhan

Women's hoodie snakes

Women's hoodie snakes

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Hand-painted hoodie with the classic snake and flower motif. Excellent design. Fine details carried out with considerable care on both sides of the drawing.

Graphic hooded hoodie with a modern twist. Size M. Sleeve length is 51 cm, length is 58 cm, and waist size is 51 cm. The fabric is 96% cotton and 4% elastane.

This hoodie has a captivating design with golden bronze flowers all over it. Women, for some reason, adore snakes and cats. There are many cats in my collection, but only a few snakes. The scales of these creeping ones are sketched with trepidation in both the images and the film. The snake on the back is more venomous.

What could be better than a women's black hoodie with snakes? Snake-print hoodie with a polished flowery scaly design on the front. The front of the hoodie has a silver and black snake. The question was how to draw a black snake on the black hoodie cloth. The black snake's body was left blank, but the scales were painted with black acrylic contour paint. Highlights and shadows are most obvious on a silver snake, where the silver contour paint is only visible in the dark silver sections where shadowed areas should be.

The hoodie is embellished with gold, bronze, and silver flowers, and the leaves are highlighted with contour paints. The decor features an astounding array of hues.

This hoodie also has a bronze snake on the back, and the leaves of the silver flowers are no longer green, but olive.

Sweater with a hood that is also embellished with flowers. A hoodie with a holistic design will not disappoint.

Streetwear with graphic hoodies. This stunning pattern across the full surface of the sweatshirt is easily mistaken for embroidery, as everything appears tactile and unlike the industrially placed print. You can see this hoodie from a kilometer away, and you can't walk by without looking back. The flowers are painted using acrylic paints that have a metallic or iridescent quality, and they shimmer in the sun as well as at dusk. These paints change color based on the time of day and the type of light shining on them.

What's better than a black hoodie adorned with gold leafs? Only that you can wear gold with this hoodie and combine it with other gold-colored clothing and accessories. A black purse with gold clasps is ideal, as is any gold color combination. Any bottom with a similar floral pattern is available. Furthermore, the floral design is so elaborate that it is a man-made analogy of similar but factory-made products. Silver kites provide an additional reason to utilize white bottoms. Furthermore, such a snake hoodie is a good excuse for fans of exquisite manicure to experiment with snake nail design.

The pattern on the hoodie is permanent; it will not wash off, break, or fade in the sun.

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Customer Reviews

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Not the most modest hoodie

The hoodie is filled with wonderful visual décor that has been made just fantastic. I spotted a lot of snake-patterned sweaters and t-shirts, but now I realize they were just snake-patterned stuff. This hoodie conveys a very different message. This hoodie's message is: I am not a modest hoodie, modesty is a fault, modesty is a problem, while many other comparable things imply that modesty is beneficial. This hoodie is not for a modest young lady! If you are modest, do not wear this piece of apparel. How many times have I seen identical hoodies or sweatshirts with a single small pattern and thought to myself that this was the pinnacle of perfection and that it was so lovely, just to find out that I was completely wrong?

Snake hoodie

Beautiful hoodie with snake patterns and flowers all over it. Absolute beauty.

Excellent work

Beautiful hoodie with snakes that is also embellished with flowers. Snake scales are drawn in an interesting way! Everything appears to be encrusted in jewels.

American woman
The best hoodie

This is the most stunning hoodie I have ever seen. Yet, for me, the pattern on the sweatshirt is secondary to the proportion of cotton. And cotton is 96% in this case, according to the description. I wish this shop the best of luck. Not only is this hoodie wonderful at the web store, but so are all of the clothing. It never occurs to me to compare.